June 27, 2014

Fun in The Sun! June Recap

Wow, what a June we had! Maybe it's because I have two kids to lug and tote around, but man, was it a hot one! We enjoyed ourselves this past month with lots of outdoor fun, trips to the park, and lots of swimming! Here's a little recap of all our fun in the sun! Looking forward to the rest of our awesome summer!

Here we are hanging out at Snail Lake park! I'm pretty sure we frequent this playground once or twice a week! Poor Halle has no hats that really fit her little head yet! Hehe.

 We had plenty of picnics outside too! You can see Halle really enjoys it, lol. I don't know if she's upset because she's not being held or if it's because I made her match her sister. ;)

Water table fun!!

Noelle hanging out with Anya! (Who she LOVES.)

Noelle is obsessed with tee-ball.

After a little swim with Vivi!

Here is Noelle with her new trike I found for her. It's so awesome - it's like half bike, half stroller. We love it! She usually sings a song while I push her around that goes something like this: "I ride my bike! I ride my bike! I ridin' my biiiiiikeeee!"

Just splashing away in my super cool pool mama got me.

 Not the most stunning photo of me, but this pretty much sums up majority of my mornings; sitting in the shade with Halle, watching Noelle. :)

 Sometimes I have to join them, because it's so hot! Gotta love Minnesota; coldest winters, hottest summers!

At Wilson park, another favorite.

A little date at Fresh Picked Pizza!

Every time we go to Target, Noelle needs/wants/demands a picture next to this cardboard Rapunzel. Every. Single. Time. I lost count of how many pictures I have of this same pose.

Snail Lake playground again! 

Halle taking a little snooze in the shade.

You want a knuckle sandwich?

Annnnd, I'm bored.

Gaotah met us one day at the park! That was super fun! The girls love their Aunty Gaotah!

One out of four of our strollers...

Yes, I braved it one day and took the girls to Como Zoo by myself. 

Waiting for the Sparky the Seal show to start.

Not impressed.

Joey's cousin Brianna came over one day, which Noelle loved. They did each other's nails. :)

The girls' first bath "together." More fun for Noelle than Halle. 

Can you believe it? A picture of the parents! :) Here we are before going to the Larkin Dance Recital this year!

My matching sweeties!

Noelle was cooling Halle off. ;)

SO much fun! I LOVE being home with my two little girlies, and I love this weather! Hoping July and August are just as amazing!

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