May 2, 2014

Noelle Version 2.5

Where oh where does the time go? Noelle's half a year away from turning 3 years old! Here's an update on our eldest princess.

Current favorites:

  • The movie, 'Barbie; The Princess and the Popstar.' She knows majority of the movie by heart, and can recite it. She likes to act out the scenes and knows ALL the words to ALL the songs in the movie!
  • She still loves Disney princesses and now likes Barbies too. Her favorite thing to do is to change their outfits. She also likes to dress up as the different princesses. If you ask, her favorite princess is Aurora.
  • Noelle loves the show, 'Barbie; Life in the Dreamhouse.' I have to admit I enjoy watching it too, it's funny!
  • Fancy Nancy is her ultimate favorite literacy character. She loves all Fancy Nancy books, especially "Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes." She sleeps with her Fancy Nancy treasury each night.
  • Noelle can't get enough jewelry. She loves to accessorize with braclets and necklaces.
  • She also loves nail polish, glitter, and lip gloss. She's not too shabby at painting nails, and she's addicted to applying lip gloss on all day.
  • If you ask her, she will still say blue is her favorite color every time, although she never wears blue.
  • Baby Halle. She adores her baby sister and is always concerned with her. She wants to know where she is at all times and is very protective of her. She also likes to hug and kiss her.

New habits and behaviors:

  • She is potty training right now so she has discovered if she asks to use the potty it will prolong the time before she needs to take a nap or go to bed. Her new thing is stalling. She will ask to use the potty, for water, to brush her teeth, to wash her hands, for milk, say she's hungry, etc. 
  • Speaking of potty training, she's doing great! We stopped trying a while ago and now have restarted because she initiated it! She one day asked to go on the potty and ever since she's been actively potty training every day! She has accidents but she will successfully go on the potty at least 2-3 times a day. Her record so far is going 6 times in one day. She also has been able to stay dry during nap time a few days. We are using a potty chart (which is half done) and she has been promised a princess party once her chart is complete! She's pretty motivated by it and asks if she can get princess balloons for her party often.


  • Noelle's the most girly girl I've ever met, but she's still feisty as ever. She snaps and has a short fuse. She's hot tempered and knows what she wants, when she wants it. She is demanding, independent, self sufficent (well, as self sufficent as a 2.5 year old can be), hesistant, reserved, and doesn't trust people easily. Noelle's personality sounds perfect for someone who will start their own business to avoid working for and with others, lol. 

Funny things we want to remember:

  • Noelle now sleeps in practically a jail cell. We have stripped her room of her fan (she turns it on and off all the time), her lights (we took her night light and unscrewed her light bulbs), and have her locked in her room at night. It sounds silly but this kid will not sleep if she's allowed anything in that room! She was reading well into the night quietly in her room, playing with her fan, or doing who knows what else. We have also found her at the bottom of the stairs, in the dark! 

  • As I was nursing Halle, Noelle asks me "Is baby Halle pumping your milk?"
  • She likes to take things out of her closet and exclaim to me, "Oh! This is sooo cute!" 

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