May 22, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Pout in Pink's Frozen Ball!

Our favorite little boutique and party center, Pout in Pink, did it again, with another fun and cute event! Noelle had a blast when we went to the 'Princess For a Day' event and their Valentine's Day event so I've been keeping my eyes open for another fun Pout in Pink outing. When I saw that they were hosting another Frozen Ball (we missed the first one since Halle was born the day before), I knew we had to go. Noelle (like every other child) is obsessed with Frozen! She was so excited to go meet Elsa! She asked about Anna a lot but I just had to tell her that Anna had to stay home in Arendale. :) 

It was special getting to do something fun with my Noelle. She may be the older sister but she'll always be my baby!

 They always have the cutest table settings!

 Mama crashed the tea party with some much needed coffee...

We went with Jessie and Zoe again, just like last time, and also Jessie's friend Brooke and her daughter Morgan. The two older girls were much more involved than Noelle, who was a little overwhelmed by all the older girls this time around. Although she talked about getting blue makeup and glitter on the way to Pout In Pink, she ended up not getting her makeup done. Totally okay though - what can I expect from a 2.5 year old? She did get glitter sprayed in her hair and had Elsa paint her nails. :) She loves nail polish!

Zoe and Noelle in their pretty little princess dresses!

There's Elsa!!

" IS Elsa."

Noelle picked this dress out a couple nights beforehand, declaring it her Elsa dress.

Check out those Elsa shoes! :)

Coloring and decorating her Elsa paper-doll. :)

Noelle, Zoe, and Morgan. This is Noelle's "cheese" face.

She picked neon pink! I was so surprised she didn't go for sparkles (what she always asks for)!

A 2.5 year old's dream come true.

"I like warm hugs!"

My little princess.

Making their Olaf snacks!

Elsa showing the girls how to make Olaf out of their donuts. 

Noelle was impressed by everyone's snowman, but was much more interested in eating hers.

And now, cupcakes!? Truly a good day.

Just throwing snowballs with Olaf. :)

Giving Olaf hugs.

Jess and I were very excited to meet Elsa too. ;)

As always, it was a fun and adorable event. We love Pout in Pink! We also walked out with a rather big bag of goodies...(they have the CUTEST stuff in the store right now) AND Angie, the owner gifted Noelle and Baby Halle with some matching headbands! So, so nice. These people are the nicest owners, and we just love them. Can't wait to come back!

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