May 3, 2014

Halle; One Month

The name Halle means "pleasant surprise" and that's what she's been since the moment she was conceived. She was our surprise baby, and she keeps on surprising us. Her birth was perfect, and she has been nothing short of an angel baby. 

Halle latched on right away and has been an excellent eater. She's gained weight from the get go and is over 9 pounds currently. She nurses average of every 3 hours during the day and every 4 during the night. She takes the bottle or breast, making things easy for us. 

Halle spends majority of her life sleeping. She does have her longest stretches at night (which we are so blessed for) but tends to get up rather early (4-6 am). I'm not complaining though because she never cries during the night, and usually returns to sleep after a feeding.

Speaking of crying, she only cries when she needs something. Noelle used to cry all the time due to her colic and acid reflux. She was never happy or satisfied. Halle can be soothed rather easily. She has recently taken to the pacifier which makes things even easier for us! It buys me some time in between feedings and calms her down when she is fussy. 

She's just so wonderful! She has the cutest fat rolls on her thighs, big cheeks, and smiles and coos in her sleep all the time. We love her so, so much!!

Hallelujah for Halle, our pleasant surprise! :)

Month 1 Physical Stats:
Dark blue eyes.
Black hair.
Starting to lose some hair in the front - hairline is receding

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