May 31, 2014

Halle Baby is 2 Months!

This child is my angel!! Halle has been the sweetest baby we could have ever asked for. Here we are at 2 months and she is currently sleeping through the night, takes the breast and bottle, and already gives you smiles galore! We love her so much! And big sister Noelle loves her to pieces too! Noelle is always asking about her; She gets protective and worries about Halle when she doesn't see her or know where she is. Joey's in heaven too - after Noelle we were very sleep deprived, anxious, and had no idea how to please Noelle! We were bouncing on the yoga ball every night, and listening to screams all day and night. This time, our angel, sleeps for us, cuddles with us, and only cries when she is unhappy (which isn't too often)! We are so blessed for this sweetie pie!

Halle still has most of her hair (only balding a tiny bit in the back where her head lays flat) and it's a dark brown. She also still has her dark blue eyes. I was surprised they hadn't changed to brown since Noelle's did. Halle might actually end up with Joey's eye color! Everyone thinks that Halle is Joey's mini-me and that Noelle is mine. Although I don't think Halle looks exactly like Joey, I do agree that she has his forehead, hairline, eyebrows, and eyes. She's so cute, I just want to squeeze her all the time!

She is like Joey in a lot of other ways too. For example, she loves to lay and sleep on her stomach. Although we know back is best, we do let her sleep on her tummy sometimes because she sleeps SO well on it. Those are usually the nights she can sleep for 8 hours straight.

Reading back at Noelle's two month post, it's fun to see how different not only the girls are from one another, but how Joey and I are this time around as second time parents. I was constantly trying to put Noelle on a schedule! I'm sure it had to do with her horrible colic and all the restless nights, but it's funny how much easier it is this time around, and I don't follow any type of schedule or regime with Halle. Basically, I feed her when she cries, I let her sleep whenever she wants, and it all just works. It's amazing how much better this time is...I don't chalk it all up to one thing or another though. I know it's a combination of having a different baby, having previous experience, and also being more relaxed.

It's amazing how different your kids and experience can be. Joey and I have TWO kids this time, and we are sleeping so much more now than we did with Noelle at this age. It's crazy! We aren't exhausted and we are trying to enjoy Halle as much as we can. It's true though that it's hard to balance two kids - I can't imagine how people with more kids do it. We often find ourselves feeling guilty because it seems like one child is getting neglected at all times. Sometimes Halle has to sit and cry alone while I help Noelle on the potty, or I have to pump. Sometimes Noelle asks me to do something with/for her and I can't, and find myself saying no several times a day, because I'm feeding/changing Halle. I'm not stretching myself thin, but it's hard to not only tend to both kids, but to give them the quality attention I think they deserve. I wish there was more of me to go around! I know Joey feels this way too. He often mentions how bad he feels for Noelle because her whole world has changed, and he feels bad for Halle because she's not getting the kind of attention Noelle got when she was an infant. We're just trying our best!

Halle just got her vaccines (4) at her two month appointment and did amazing! First shot she didn't even cry- just was startled and shocked by the poke, next one she gave us a look like "No way, you did it again!?", and by the third she started crying. I picked her up right away after and held her and she stopped crying right away and ended up being fine! What a trooper! She came in at 11 and something pounds, being 70th percentile for her age/sex group. My chunky little baby! 

Current status:
11 lbs
Already in size 2 diapers!

Halle is our angel baby. Our sweet little bundle of joy!! I don't even want to say "I can't wait to see what we have in store," or "I can't wait to watch her grow!" because frankly I don't want her to! Now that we've had our second, and last baby, I know that this time needs to be treasured! Noelle grew up already way too fast for us, and Halle's time seems to be even faster and shorter! I want my baby to stay my precious baby forever! I love you Halle...please stay my wee little angel!! Love you so much!!

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  1. She is so pretty! Like hearing your perspectives on having 2! And that the 2nd time around seems more relaxed :)


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