April 16, 2014

Sister, Sister

Before Halle was born I was a little concerned with how Noelle's disposition towards her new sister would be. I wasn't sure how it would go. Half of me thought Noelle would make a wonderful older sister, treating her new sister like a little doll, but the other half of me thought she might be jealous, mean, and angry towards her. We were really lucky, because Noelle loves Halle and has been so wonderful with her. 

In the hospital Noelle had no real feelings towards the baby. She understood that this was baby Halle, the one that was in mama's tummy, and was now here. Noelle spoke about Halle a bit but was more interested in the hospital. It was a short visit and we didn't really know how Noelle felt. Then it was sad. The next day when we got home Noelle came downstairs while I was nursing Halle. She climbed up on my lap without saying anything and then laid on me and stared at Halle for a rather long time. She was really quiet and looked really sad. It broke my heart! That first week went on a little bit like that - with her asking me to be with her, play with her, hold her, carry her, and I found myself having to tell her that I couldn't A LOT. I felt terrible. I felt like all I did was tell her no. "Mama is feeding Halle right now honey, I will in a little bit sweetie, I can't right now, I need to change Halle, I need to put Halle down, I'm busy sweetie, go get daddy," etc.

This was the first day home. Noelle was a bit on the sad side, but was so good with her sister right away.

We are so lucky because Noelle hasn't been acting out at all. If she's unhappy with how preoccupied I am with Halle, she doesn't show it. She has been so, so good. Especially after the first week, she has been so loving with Halle. She understands when Halle cries and is hungry that mama needs to feed her and she wants to always help. She wants to help wipe Halle during changes and has tried to feed her a bottle. She also loves to read books to Halle and show her all her toys. 

Noelle was introducing all her dolls to Halle.

One day she was reading books to Halle and my mom asked her to go do something and she replied "No grandma. Halle needs me to read to her!" She also likes to turn on shows, "for Halle" she says.

She really likes to entertain Halle. She always wants to show her toys and play music for her. On her bouncy chair there are some dangly toys that play music. Noelle will pull them for Halle and sit there and talk to her, like "Listen to the music Halle."

Noelle has held Halle a few times but that's very short lived. She usually wants to but after a minute she starts pushing her off.

Always giving her little sister kisses.

"I read Fancy Ancy to Halle." (Fancy Nancy- her favorite books.) 

 This day Noelle grabbed Halle's Snow White costume from the closet and demanded "Halle and Noelle be Snow White! Two Snow Whites!"

So far, sisterhood has been treating the girls well and hopefully they grow up to be the best of friends. I love my little girls so much!

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