April 16, 2014

Noelle's First Haircut

So, the day finally arrived  when Miss Noelle would need her first hair cut. The back of her head was getting ridiculous - with a little wispy tail - so we had to get it evened out. Noelle was not happy to do it but did a great job! We went to Kid's Hair in Roseville and it was cute. They had Elmo playing and lots of toys to distract the kids. Joey blew bubbles to distract Noelle, although I think the sucker was what really worked. She sat still and got her hair evened out, a braid in the front, and some glitter sprayed in her hair. It was adorable. The price was a little steep ($16.50 for a tot's haircut?!) but I suppose it's worth it if your child is scared or difficult. It was cute also because they gave us a little folder that says "My First Haircut" on it, with a little pocket with a lock of her hair, and a frame to put her picture in. 

Getting into the chair. Not having it. 

Her hair "before."

Daddy blowing bubbles, hair dresser getting princess dolls...

Starting to feel better. "Hey, bubbles are fun..."

 Sitting like a good girl for her hair cut.


The back "after." Looks so much better!

 Ta da!

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