April 16, 2014

Introducing Miss Halle!

As everyone knows, our clan got larger with the addition of another little lady. Here is Miss Halle's official introduction! She is the sweetest, angel baby we could have ever asked for. She was the easiest pregnancy, a smooth birth, and now is a cute little sleeping beauty. Halle is almost 3 weeks old, having gained back the weight she lost in the hospital, plus a pound. (She's over 9 lbs total.) 

Here she is only 1 day old - this is what she wore home from the hospital. (Well, she had pants on too, but we shed those off once we got home.)

Halle is so healthy - eating and digesting around the clock. She latched on right away and has been a machine when it comes to input/output. She wants to feed constantly, and I find that all I do is nurse. It's gotten better as I have gotten more used to it and my body as well as Halle have fine tuned a rhythm together. Halle tends to use me as a pacifier though, which we are trying to fix. We have tried 4 different pacifiers but Halle hasn't taken to one yet. Either she doesn't like any of them or she may be too young yet still to suck on one. We would just skip the pacifier all together if it weren't for her wanting to suck while she sleeps at night!

Speaking of sleep...our sleeping beauty prefers to nap during the day and be up at night. Like most babies, her days and nights are reversed. She takes long stretches of sleep during the day and short ones at night, with lots and lots of feeding and comfort sucking at night. It's very tiring but still a breeze compared to Noelle's colic. All we can do is try to keep her up as much as she can during the day. Fingers crossed that this is phase that will soon fix itself so we can get some sleep over here!

Other than eating, sleeping, and pooping, our little angel isn't doing much else. In her (few) awake moments she likes to make funny faces at us and coo. Halle's such a sweet baby. We are seriously blessed. Can't wait to fill the blog with more details on our angel as she grows!

Love you Halle Girl!!

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