April 16, 2014

A 'Beary' Fun Party at Tamarack Nature Center!

So when Halle was only one week old, we braved the cold outdoors to attend our friend Willow's 3rd birthday party! It was at Tamarack Nature Center, where I've taken the kids to a lot in the past. It was such a fun, cute, birthday party! It was themed "Going on a Bear Hunt" and the place did a great job with the party! Our party host read the kids the book "Going on a Bear Hunt" (which Noelle loves now), and let the kids touch a real (dead) bear's fur. That was borderline creepy for this age, lol. Then the kids got to all make bandanas, go on a (stuffed) bear hunt, then feasted on trail mix, veggies, fruits, and cupcakes. Noelle had a great time, and it was a great first family of four outing for us!

Learning about bears and touching the fur.

Story time!

 My girls and I.

We found the bear!

 Joey and Mark on baby duty.  (Halle - 1 week, Hudson - 10 weeks.)

Just taking a quick cat nap in the corner! So cute.

Noelle and birthday girl Willow putting some puzzles together!

I had no idea Tamarack did birthday parties, but now it's a place I would definitely recommend to others for parties. It was fun, cute, and educational too!

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