March 23, 2014

Starting 39 Weeks With a Bang

As you can see, we made it another week. Even after all my natural induction methods, nothing sent us into labor. It did send us into false labor though.

Thursday night at 11:00 pm I started to have some regular contractions that lasted until 1:30 am. I started to time them and they were 1-2 minutes long each, coming every 5-6 minutes. People always say "you know" when you are in labor, however I really didn't know. With Noelle my water broke two weeks early, without any pains beforehand, and it was obvious. Water breaks = go to hospital. Thursday night I had no idea if this was the real thing or not, I just knew that my contractions were taking my breath away and walking, eating, moving, etc. was not stopping them. So I called the BabyLine and talked to a nurse. After a series of questions she declared that I should go to the hospital to be evaluated. 

We really didn't get our hopes up because we've heard so many stories of people being sent home after getting to the hospital to be checked. We left our bags in the car, thinking we wouldn't need them and headed to the maternity assessment center. This was approximately 2:00 am. We were surprised to find out that I was dilated to a 4! (I was a 3 on Monday.) This was encouraging. The nurse then told us to walk around the hospital until 4:00 am to see if my contractions and dilation would progress. After Joey and I walked until I thought the baby was going to fall out of me, we headed back and the nurse said I was at 4.5 cm and that was good enough to be admitted! I have to admit, we got our hopes up a little bit at this point and were excited. We were sent on our way to a labor room, all my stats were put into the computer, and I was hooked up to the monitors. Joey was directed to go get our bags and to get us settled. Wow. Was this the real thing?

I watched my contractions on the screen, and I couldn't believe it - I wasn't in massive amounts of pain. They actually felt less painful then when I had arrived, although they were still coming every 5 minutes. Something seemed off. We weren't the only ones who noticed that it seemed weird. Our midwife came in and decided to have us do some more walking. At this point it was 5:00 am. Joey and I returned to our room at 7:00 to get monitored and it looked like my contractions had slowed down to every 10 minutes and they were much weaker. 7:30 I was checked again, and found out the devastating news - I hadn't dilated at all since 4:00 am. Worse news? We were getting sent home.

After I got over the urge to cry, I just got crabby. Joey and I had just spent a whole sleepless night at the hospital to be sent home. The contractions had been real at first, and did dilate me, but that was it. They were not regular, progressive, labor contractions - and they stopped. Depressing!

So that was the start to our (hopefully) last week of pregnancy. I'm really bummed by what happened but have learned one thing; I probably will not be trying to self induce myself again! I think those tricks definitely did help me contract, however that's it. It might have moved things along, but it didn't "induce labor." I don't want to confuse my body like that again or try to start something that won't lead up to anything. Getting discharged from the hospital was frustrating, sad, and not encouraging! 

People always talk about the "baby blues" after pregnancy but no one seems to discuss the emotions you go through before labor. The last weeks are hard. You feel terrible physically, you are large, things hurt, things are uncomfortable, people keep on asking you if you are still pregnant, your hormones are out of's an irritable, sad, time. It's a waiting game, and it's boring. It's been a hard couple of weeks lately, and now after the hospital visit, I'm feeling more dumpy. I try not to get down about it, but it's hard. I've been just trying to rest, indulge in some naughty foods, do some mild exercise, and enjoy the time I have before the baby comes...but the feeling is always in the back of my heart. I just really want my baby, and my mind, hormones, and emotions to return to a more stable state!

Our due date is officially 5 days away - hoping to either go before that, or to get to 5 days in one piece. I can't even fathom the thought that realistically I could go OVER 5 days...even being pregnant for 2 more weeks after my due date! Eeeek!!

Starting 39 weeks was rough, let's hope the rest of the week gets easier!

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  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Big blessings to your family of 4.


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