March 7, 2014

My Love Is Almost 2.5 Yrs Old!

I didn't really know how often I would be posting updates on Noelle after she turned two years old, because I thought after they turn into a bonafide toddler, there's really not much to share. Well, I changed my mind, because Noelle is more fun now than ever and her personality is still developing rapidly and her new behaviors and skills make me smile. I love my cupcake and I love to talk about her, so why not? I have no filter. 

Painting each other's faces at The Children's Museum!

"Sprinkle pancakes?! Yeeessss."

Current favorites:
Disney Princess anything!
Disney movies, new and old.
Singing! She sings all the time. (Almost always Disney songs.)
Still loves books. (Reads to herself out loud ALL the time.)
Dressing up. (Every. Single. Day.)
Mama. (She and I are besties right now. I love it!)
Ponies. (Not the horses, but pony tails. She wants two of them most days and asks me to put my hair in a pony every day too.)

The Princess sleeps with over 5 blankets and a slew of stuffed "friends." She told Joey and I one night that "all my best friends are here!"

New activities:
  • She's moving on up in the world of dance! She's upgrading from her Mommy and Me class (which she attended with Joey, lol) to the next class - without parents! We will see how that goes! She's ready though, as she knows all the moves in her former class and usually starts the moves before her teacher even directs them to.
  • We might also start her in gymnastics because every time I've taken her there to play at open gym, she is obsessed. She also told me last week at open gym that she wanted to go to the class - we will see!

No longer likes:
She has now rejected all her former faves; The Wiggles, Barney Elmo...all of them have been banned. (Although I have a strong feeling she will renew her love for them when baby #2 comes along!)

Thank goodness we are done with the pacifier! I never posted about that transition because it went so smoothly, but basically we cut her off cold turkey and she just went with it! Noelle is carrying her blanket around every where though. It's one thing after another! She also tends to suck on her fingers a lot now, which she never did before. Either, it's in replacement of her paci, or she's teething! One more new habit? The Princess dresses. She wants to wear one EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's the first thing she asks for in the morning. I've started letting her where them out of the house because I don't know how to get her ready for the day without them!

Potty training:
This is still a no-go. For a couple weeks we got her really into it, and she was asking to sit on it all the time. She would sit on it, nothing would happen, then she would get up and cheer for herself. Lol. Not quite how it works, but whatever, at least she was sitting on it. Now she's not even sitting on it. She goes back and forth so much on this that I've decided to just stop all together. I figure once she's ready she will show interest. She did show interest in underwear for a while and was wearing it during the day but after too many accidents we decided to put a halt to that as well. Our goal before was to get her potty trained before baby #2 came so that we wouldn't have to spend double the money on diapers but now that I'm so close to giving birth, the trouble doesn't seem worth it. It's far too close and we fear she would regress after the baby comes.

She's getting a little less cautious than she used to be. She's very independent, and likes to do things alone so she is more comfortable wandering off by herself at the store, library, museum, etc. I watch her  when she wanders off and have noticed she always checks for me every once and while and once she sees me she smiles at me then continues doing her own thing. Her fear and shyness is definitely decreasing as she talks to more strangers and answers questions. She is still pretty reserved and would rather not be with a crowd but she does wonderful at interactive story times and likes to be involved in group activities. Noelle has no problem "performing" as we call it. 

Big sister status:
Kid has no idea what she's in for. I find her to be 50/50. Some days she will hug and kiss my belly and tell me that baby is in there. She also will read books with sisters and say that one sister is Noelle and one sister is Baby ____. She calls the baby by her name all the time and also acknowledges baby's crib. However, then there are days where Noelle says that Baby ____ can't live at our house or that she does not want Baby _____. I have no idea how she will react when the day finally comes!

Noelle and Auntie Erin dressed as mermaids together! Noelle loved this. She told me at least 6 times on the way home that "Ewin is a memaid."

New skills:
She has now discovered how to open doors. Phooey. Joey and I do not like this. We actually had to remove her door knob and reverse it so that the lock was on our side of the door. She now can walk in and out of her room as she pleases and walk in on us when we are in the bathroom if we don't have the door locked. Noelle also discovered how to open her closet doors, which she never did before. So now we find her hiding in there a lot, especially at night when she should be sleeping! One more new skill? Turning the light switch on and off. Booger is still not tall enough but has discovered that if she moves her furniture around or stacks boxes or books (she's very creative and clever, this one) that she can reach the switch. She thinks this is really funny. We do not. 

Really excited to show off her dance outfit.

Modeling the back for me, lol. 

Remember when she was a wonderful eater and I though she was going to be some kind of food connoisseur? No more ladies and gentlemen. Toodlerhood has robbed my child of her food tastes. Now she only eats pancakes, ONE kind of applesauce, scrambled eggs, Nutrigrain bars, and pepperoni. It's disappointing, and HARD to feed her! She's so picky! I have no idea how she lives on the food she eats, but she is pretty good with taking her vitamins every day so I'm counting on those!

She loves for me to do her nails.

She wears them for about 2 minutes then asks me to take them off before she does anything.

Here she is demanding for her lipgloss. She loves playing makeup!

Thank god my baby still naps. The little boy I nannied turned 3 and boom stopped napping and it was killing me. Noelle however still naps 90% of the days. She sleeps pretty decent at night too - although, not as early as we would like. She is hard to get down at night unless she's exhausted. She wants to stay up and play, play, play all night. Her normal is probably around 9:00 pm - 8:00 am with a 1.5-2.5 hour nap after lunch. 

Here's to Noelle! May you keep on wowing us, and being so fun. We love you so much little booger!!! My heart hurts because it loves you so much!

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