March 13, 2014

My Dancing Baby!

I had the pleasure of FINALLY witnessing my baby dance in her Mommy Daddy & Me class! :) For almost the past year she's been attending the class with Joey because I couldn't go with her. Evan, who I was nannying was taking the class with her as well, which made it possible for me to attend the first month, but decided to stop and do gymnastics instead. Therefore Noelle has been dancing with Joey, and I've been hearing about how cute it is and how well she's picking up the moves. Well, finally, I got to see it myself! It was SO fun to watch! Being the proud and sappy mother that I am, I almost cried watching her stretch during the ballet portion of class. 

Here Noelle and Joey have just jumped into the tap.

Noelle is holding hands with Jaxon, her little friend that (hopefully) she will be dancing with for the next 16 or so years! They are both really into it and are so adorable together. Can't wait for them to do a duet. :)

Off with that darn tutu!

Stretching - and doesn't even need her daddy with her! :)


I choked, this was too cute and unexpected!

Reaching for her toes!


To be even more obnoxious, here are some parts from class! 
LOL, yes, I am THAT mom.


  1. Hi Diana!! Sorry to be a complete stalker but I adore your blog... and with a huge possibility of us moving back to Minnesota for my husband's Residency at the U of M... I am praying hoping wishing that it will happen and that I can take Myla to all these TOT SPOTS you describe :) Thanks for sharing!! I think that if we do indeed match at Minnesota (we find out officially a week from today!) I want to sign up Myla for dance at Larkin! What day/time does Noelle do it? It would be fun if they were in the same class! Seeing her do the butterfly and middle stretch is soooooo cute! I looked online... can you enroll and start at any time or do they start a new season in the fall? Thanks for your reply!

    1. Hi Hilary! :) You aren't a stalker! It's great to know someone reads my blog! That would be so fun if you guys moved back!! I think Myla and Noelle would have tons of fun together!! Noelle is currently in the Tuesday evening (4:45pm) Mommy & Me class! (The class goes to 3 years old!) They offer a few of them throughout the week, during mornings and evenings. I might move her to a morning class after baby #2 comes since I will be home! You can sign up and join anytime!! It's a pay by month! And it's super nice because you can attend ANY of the classes! So if you miss a class, you can come to a different one! That would be so fun if they danced together!! Can't wait to see if you guys are coming back!

  2. Thanks again for your reply! I am really excited to have Myla start the Mommy & Me class in May! I think Tuesday evenings would be fine for us! Let me know if you still go to the Tuesday night or move to day time.


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