March 13, 2014

MOA with Grandma Tuyet

My mom arrived last Wednesday night from Austin and has been staying at our house! It's great to have her here and we are super lucky to be having her help, as she plans to stay for Baby #2's birth and the following month afterwards! My mom came a bit earlier this time than last, since last time she came 2 weeks before my due date and my water broke literally the morning after she arrived. We wanted to prepare this time so my mom came almost 4 weeks before my due date to give me time to get rest and get ready for baby. She has been spending a lot of time with Noelle, trying to bond with her, and make up for lost time. This past Tuesday we went to Mall of America for our usual Toddler Tuesday. Pictures below!

Coloring pictures with grandma at the Disney Store.

Watching songs from Frozen!
Getting presents from grandma after her Disney Store trip! So spoiled!

Pascal purse!

Her adorable Snow White shirt! (That she has now worn two days in a row. By demand.)

She LOVES her Aurora doll so much! Thank you grandma!!! She has been sleeping with her every day for naps and at night!

Ready to walk the mall with my new favorites!

This is what I get when I asked her to smile for the camera. 

There's a real smile!! So happy getting her Happy Meal with grandma!

More fun days to come!

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