February 13, 2014

Recent Fun For The Wee One!

This past month has been a really fun one for little Miss Noelle! There were multiple trips to Pout in Pink, story times across the Twin Cities, visits to countless indoor parks, and lots of attention (and presents) from mama and daddy! I've been trying to really relish my time left with Noelle. For some time we really thought we would only have one child so I never worried about sharing my time with anyone else, or having to make any sacrifices. Well now that we will be having another little princess, we've been trying to really have fun with Noelle and bond with her before bringing home a new addition. Because I'm trying to be ultra fun right now, Noelle got to do some special things this past month! Here are some pictures from recent activities she got to enjoy!

Here is Noelle and Vivi going to Sesame Street Live! 

Gracie went to, to help, which is awesome! Noelle just adores her cousins.

Not quite sure what Noelle really thought of the show, but she did get to high five the Count and talked about that for a couple days. :)

She and I had a really fun mommy/daughter date and went to see her first ever movie in theaters!! We saw Frozen, which she loved. Noelle took me by surprise and watched the whole movie. She laughed and asked questions throughout the whole thing and was such a good girl! I had no idea how it would go since she's only 2 but she did fantastic. She and I are still singing "Do you want to build a snowman" to each other!

At Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America. 

I took the kids to Nickelodeon Universe with Gaotah this past Tuesday. I thought Noelle was ready to tackle rides...but not so much. She went on two rides (the carousel - which went good, and the Diego bus ride - which went bad) and was done. The Diego bus ride really scared her! I thought maybe it was the heights but she told me afterwards that "It was too fast for me!" That's alright. Joey and I aren't ride people either so it works out! :)

While she didn't care too much for the rides, she did like the entertainment. There was a kid's band playing songs and lots of tables full of arts and crafts to make for Valentine's Day. This, Noelle could handle!

She also wanted to get her face painted, which I thought was cute. Out of all the things she could pick, she went with Snow White! Cute. 

At Lego World. The kids crack me up. They had more fun at all the free things than Nickelodeon Universe. Makes you wonder why you even spend any money. 

The best part of the day for Noelle? Probably visiting the Disney Store. As soon as she and I walked in we were both in awe of all the beautiful princess dresses and displays. You would have thought we were in Disneyland. Noelle was mesmerized and so happy in there!

She wanted EVERYTHING. She picked up things all through the store and kept dropping them as she walked around. There was literally a trail of stuffed animals and princesses behind her. lol. She brought the Snow White home. ;)

I'm hoping for more fun times with my little princess before my due date! We have 6 more weeks until the day, although I have a gut feeling that I only have about 4 weeks! I'm really hoping to spend more time one on one with Noelle and showering her with love before her life drastically changes!

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