February 5, 2014

Pregnancy #2; Third Trimester

30 Weeks - The only recent picture I have!

Pregnancy #1

  • Physical symptoms. Hello heartburn! I was suffering from intense heartburn and couldn't eat certain foods at all. For majority of my third trimster I was in a lot of pain. As soon as the third trimester started I was having tons of pain and pressure - enough that it was hard to walk up and down the stairs. I could barely lift myself out of bed, and forget about rolling over. I was humpty dumpty and felt like it too.
  • Physical apperance. My stretch marks were heinous! Looking at pictures from last pregnancy makes me want to cry! Both my hips were covered in marks that looked like a cat made them.
  • Mental. I was an emotional mess in my third trimester. I actually had to talk to my midwife about it and get on medication because she was fearful that I was going to have a bad case of postpartum depression. What a change from being so happy throughout the rest of the pregnancy! I remember not knowing where the emotions were coming from but I was feeling sad all the time, for no apparent reason. 
  • Baby movements. I wrote in my journal that I never felt Noelle during the day, and I remember that! I remember thinking that she must have slept all day while my body was rocking her back and forth. She was most active at bedtime and in the middle of the night. No surprise that would be when she was most active after she was born too!
  • Weight. At my 30 week appointment I had already gained around 43 lbs. Distrubing isn't it? You're "suppose" to only gain 25-35 lbs for your whole pregnancy, and here I still had 10 more weeks to go and was already over the limit!
  • Braxton Hicks. The term entered my vocubulary at 31 weeks. My stomach tightened and then would release, a few times. It was a weird feeling, not painful, just strange, and it got me super excited. Can you believe that? I was EXCITED for labor, lol. 
  • Maternityhood. Wow, I was an obnoxious first timer. I talked about my pregnancy with anyone and everyone that would listen. I was obsessed with my pregnancy and took pictures of my belly almost every day and was constantly posting about my pregnancy. I don't regret a thing though, because it was how I was feeling. I was so excited for that baby! I loved being pregnant, even though I was so uncomfortable.

Pregnancy #2

  • Physical symptoms. I have no complaints. I know that I'm very lucky! The only thing going on this time around is a weird sensation right under my rib cage. Only way I can explain it, is that it feels like the baby is right under my ribs, or has pushed all my organs right up against my ribs, and it feels tight and uncomfortable.
  • Physical apperance. No new stretch marks to report, and no linea nigra! New thing though? Lots of veins! Last time I don't recall being very veiny but this time I have blue veins all over my stomach and chest! I don't really care though since I know that won't permanetley do anything!
  • Mental. I'm definitely anxious, but not really about the baby. I'm more preoccupied with getting my house ready. Every day all I can think about is how much I want to be nesting. The house is never clean enough. The clothes are never folded, and if they are folded, they are never put away. Things like that is what has been on my mind. I can't seem to find the time to get things done and to get prepared for this baby, since I'm so much busier this time around. Wow is it different to be pregnant, and already have a toddler! I'm mentally exhausted all the time! My to do list is huge, and nothing is done or ready!
  • Baby movements. Holy! This baby is WAY different than Noelle was inside. She is crazy! I can feel her all day and night. It seems like she never stops. She is so active! She doesn't even need to be triggered to move - she just dances, swims, and does the worm in my belly all day.
  • Weight. At my 30 week appointment I had gained 23 lbs, that's 20 lbs less than last time! Woo hoo! Not to sound like a crazy person, but I'm still trying to watch my calories - it helps!
  • Braxton Hicks. I got Braxton Hicks earlier this time around. I started getting them at 29 weeks and MAN was it BRUTAL. With Noelle it just felt like my muscules contracting, while this time, it felt like labor! They were terrible cramps, totally contraction style, and I had them for 45 minutes. If they had gone on longer than an hour I was going to call the doctor! I remember forgetting to breathe in between them from the pain - it was like a flashback to Noelle's birth. *Shudder.* I was anything but excited!
  • Maternityhood. I feel terrible, I haven't taken a picture of my belly for weeks. Possibly months! I never talk about my pregnancy either. I'm not even registered for a hospital to deliver at and I don't even have a regular doctor/midwife. I'm so "been there, done that" this time around that I'm practically winging this pregnancy. I'm already a mom, what else do I need to do? ;)
Current status: I'll be 33 weeks along this Friday. I have another appointment on Saturday. I feel like the baby is going to fall out. Other than that, everything is great! 

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