February 18, 2014

MN Tot Spots; MOA Toddler Tuesdays - How to Do it Right

So we've definitely gone to MOA's Toddler Tuesday our fair number of times over the past year, but I have to say today's visit was the best one to date. I think it's a combination that the children are older, the events are better and more organized, and I've learned a thing or two from coming here 5,234 times.

Today, we decided last minute to head out to the mega mall because the Bubble Guppies were going to be there, and the kids LOVE the Bubble Guppies. (Not going to lie, I do too, they are so stinkin cute.) So we headed out and I used my prior experiences to better prepare for this one.

So a mistake that we made when we came last year to see Umizomi is that we came for the 10 am Meet and Greet. They always have two sessions, one at 10-10:30 and then 11-11:30am. What I've learned is that there is no sense in coming to the first session AT ALL unless you come early and are one of the first in line. (Which isn't crazy because if your kids will do it, bring some books, sit in line on the ground and read said books until showtime.) We came 15 minutes early. Not good enough. We still waited for an hour. If you come anytime after the session starts, guarantee you will be in line the whole time. That either means 1.) you will be in line for 30 minutes. Can you handle this with your children? or 2.) you will be in line for 30 minutes and still not see the characters and will have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the characters to come back from break. There is no way you can handle this with your children. Or 3.) the worst, you will be in line for 30 mins + 30 mins + additional minutes it takes for you to see them. There is no way your children can handle this.

So anyways, we went and did other stuff first. If you're going to tackle rides - do it right away. Nickelodeon Universe opens at 10 and they offer toddler passes on Toddler Tuesdays that are significantly cheaper than normal. ($11.95 instead of $29.95.) It's unlimited for 5 hours. If your child is indeed a toddler, 5 hours is more than plenty of time. Anyways, like I said, do this first. Most people will be waiting in line for whatever the guest or show is, so the park is relatively dead that first hour. Last week, when we went, we did the rides. Sea Life is a good thing to do as well in lieu of waiting in line the first hour. We have done that instead, which is great because toddlers won't need more than an hour there anyways. Kids 2 and under get in free and adult tickets are $22 - however if you buy the tickets online before you get there (or even on your smart phone when you are there) you can get it for $16! The more kids you have, the better the deal. For $16, I have gone through there with the 3 kids - great deal.

This week we went and did arts and crafts at the Rotunda, had a snack, played in Legoland or world or whatever, and scoped out the Disney Store (again). We headed back to the Meet and Greet at 11:20, yes - 10 minutes before the showtime was over. It was perfect. They cut the line at 11:30 and block it off, so as long as you get there before then, you are good. So anyways, we did just that and the kids and I cut down our wait time and got to see the Bubble Guppies without meltdowns, whining, and exhaustion.

Here they are dancing in line. Waiting in a line isn't so bad when it's short!

Meeting Gil! Yay!

She was so happy to pet Bubble Puppy!

Don't be fooled by her expression. She LOVED meeting Gil! We were a wee bit bummed though that we didn't get to meet Molly! She and Gil switched right before we got to the end of the line!

Like I had mentioned before, we scoped out the Disney Store, and let me tell you, I had no idea what a gem this place is. I figured looking at Disney stuff was fun enough but I had no idea that they have a large space for kids to play/sit. There's a large seating area for kids to watch Disney music videos (that they can pick themselves on the touchscreen "jukebox") and also a large table equipped with tons of crayons and Disney coloring pages. Score!

Picking out jams! We watched A LOT of Frozen music videos!

Crawling through Mickey Mouse's Club House!

After we met Gil and Bubble Puppy, we also did a walk through of the Rainforest Cafe - without dining. The kids just wanted to see the "animals" so we took a little walk through the store part of the restaurant and the kids got to look at the fish, the (fake) elephant, the (fake) alligator, and the kids had a blast. Like I said in last week's post, sometimes I have no idea why I spend money on these kids when they get so excited about free stuff. What wasn't free? The face painting, but we had to do it again. The lady does such a good job and the kids love it so much. I think they love picking out their design as much as they love seeing the result. Last week Noelle got Snow White and this week she got Aurora. :)

I used to hate driving out to MOA, but now I love bringing the kids here. It's definitely worth the drive to entertain your kids for half a day. I love Toddler Tuesdays!

Here are some fun ones coming up!
  • Meet and Greet Berenstain Bears: Feb 25th
  • Toddler Tee Off (Mini golf for wee ones!): March 4th
  • Lil Luau - Tropical Toddler Party (Crafts and Learn how to hula!): March 11th
  • Meet and Greet The Backyardigans: March 18th
  • Meet and Greet The Wild Things and Story Time (Where The Wild Things Are): March 25th

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