February 26, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Kiddywampus

So a place that I have been meaning to take the kid for over a year now is Kiddywampus (currently in St. Louis Park). We just never made it there although it sounded really neat. They are a unique toy store, but also have studios that hold music classes, a playroom, and also an art studio where kids can come do arts and crafts. Being that this is my last week as a nanny I thought it would be fun to fill each day with a new activity. Kiddywampus was on the list! I decided to go for the playroom, which you can reserve ahead of time for your kids to play in. It's $5 per hour/$2 for each additional sibling. I'd say it was worth it, since the kids played for the whole hour and probably could have spent another hour playing! The playroom is full of educational, new, unique, toys and also has a book nook and books to read. The kids had a blast! They loved taking off their shoes and just making themselves at home. 

After our hour was up in the playroom I let the kids roam around the store and play with the various toys that they had sitting out for play. The kids loved this as well. I have to say, Kiddywampus is a REALLY great place to bring the kids. There's tons of stuff for them to look at, play with and it's so kid friendly. I thought my kids were being beasts but the employees and owner were SO nice, understanding, and very attentive to our needs and kept on making sure the kids were happy.

I really liked their selection of toys and books too. I felt like they had some hard to find stuff but for a reasonable price and not "boutique" prices. They also host birthday parties - themed ones complete with a party host, space, paper products, etc. NICE! I love places like these.

Here's a picture of the art studio, where for $8 you can get your own little box of age appropriate art materials and supplies to create something! How nice is this? You get the supplies, materials, space to make a mess, and the kids can make something to take home! Love it. We are definitely coming back to do this.

Another cool thing they offer is summer day camps!! I'm definitely considering the Princess camp for Noelle in August when she's closer to being 3 years old. They offer a bunch of varied camps, including a pirate one, an art one, etc. but the Princess one is right up Noelle's alley! For a couple hours for 3 days she gets to dress up in her princess clothes, do tons of glitter art projects, sing, dance, and play with other little princesses. It sounds like a dream come true. I'm giving this place two thumbs way up!

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