February 9, 2014

MN Tot Spots; Edinborough Indoor Park - Edina

So I've heard tons about Edinborough Park repeatedly over the last couple years but never trekked out there because it's in Edina - quite a drive from the area I live and work in. However, being that this is my last month of nannying (due to baby #2 coming in 8 weeks), I thought I would fill the kids' schedule full of fun activities. We finally tried out Edinborough Park and it really was great.

Honestly, I thought it was a wee bit more expensive than other places ($7 versus the typical $5ish) but it's a really nice place. Here the kids are enjoying a little pre-play snack since the car ride was so long (40 minutes) to get there. Their little cafe has a lot of goodies, including healthy snacks, although we got the mini donuts. :)

The place is really nice - full of real plants, trees, and a little pond. The kids loved it. I think they would have liked the pond alone. 

What I thought was the best thing about the indoor park was the open gym. It's similar to other open gyms - open space, a bouncy house, etc. but it's such a nice large room! They also had fun scooters and things for the kids to ride and play with that I haven't seen at some other open gyms. I also liked that they have open gym every day, while other placecs only have them on select days.

The kids enjoyed watching people in the pool - which was next to the open gym. I don't know how much the swimmers enjoyed that but the kids sure did. Haha.

I thought the play area was pretty standard - although this one did seem easier for the younger kids to navigate through. In some play areas my little ones get lost, or "stuck" and then I have to climb in there to save them but this one was pretty easy for them to get around in.

The toddler area was great. It was on the smaller side but they had some great climbers and slides in there! If only they had a bit of a larger space - it would have been perfect. We also went on a rather busy morning, so I wonder if that made a difference too.

Would I go again? Maybe. My only real con is the drive for us. It's bet of a trek from my area but if we were really bored I'd do it because the space is great. The kids burnt off so much energy and the place was so pretty with all the real plants. I'd say if you are in the area of live near Edina, then go for it. Totally a great indoor option!

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