February 9, 2014

MN Tot Spots; Creative Kidstuff Story Time

On Friday, Noelle, myself, Jessie, and Will headed out to Story Time at the Creative Kidstuff Store in Minneapolis. I had found some information online saying they would be presenting "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and knew we had to go. Noelle LOVES this book. She actually likes pretty much all her Eric Carle books, but this one seems to be her favorite. We had never been to this store - which was also super fun - and we really liked it! I had no idea they had so many toys out for kids to try. Noelle and Will loved playing with the train tables, dollhouses, kitchen and BBQ sets, and especially the trampoline!

Here is the lady reading the book. Do you see what's behind her? The giant caterpillar!

It was cute - they had hot cocoa and cookies!

She was trying to take her jacket off - as in "let's stay here for a while."

She LOVED this trampoline. I guess that's going to go on the wishlist!

Phone pictures aren't the best but this is what I got! A shot of Will and Noelle jumping together! That's how 2 year olds spend date night!

They also really loved the dollhouse. 

Will really liked the caterpillar and was very eager to finally get to meet him!

Noelle was scared at first. She kept on looking at him from afar with a weird look on her face but finally we went up there and she touched him (more like poked his eye) and then she loved him. After this photo was taken she walked up to him and kept on stroking him. When he had to go into the back room (to get changed) she followed him and kept asking me "Where catapilla going mama?"

It was cute, and I think a definite place to go check out on a boring or rainy day!

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