February 28, 2014

MN Tot Spot: Como Zoo's Lil Explorer's Thursday '14

Yesterday was one of the coldest days ever! With the windshield it was about -25 degrees out so while I was carrying Noelle, pushing a double stroller, and being 36 weeks pregnant, running into Como Conservatory I thought to myself "This better be worth it. I am crazy." Well luckily it was totally worth it! The day before we had trekked out to Minneapolis for a kid event, and it was only so-so. Como Zoo and Conservatory's Lil' Explorers Thursday is so worth it. We've been here several times before but I have to say the Teddy Bear Picnic was the best one we've been to! The kids got to bring their teddy bears, do a bunch of bear related activities, listen to and interact with a bear story, and then we also walked around the conservatory and the rainforest. 

At this table they had an activity with the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," which the kids all recognize and love. They read the book, matched the colors to the animals on the cards, then did a coloring page.

Story felt board of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

We stopped in the interactive toddler room where Noelle hugged her friend the seal.

Here the kids had a little teddy bear picnic with their bears.

Sorting bears by color and size!

Dressing bears lacing activity!

Checking out the "rainforest" before story time!

Meeting some lizards!

Getting ready for story time!

This was super cute. The lady read "Bear Wants More" and had all the kids hold onto a slip of paper with a picture of a certain food on it. When the bear in the story eats a certain thing, the kids with that card get to go "fed" the bear. So cute and fun! The kids loved this!

Noelle feeding the bear some grass!

Meeting a big lizard!

Noelle really wanted to touch this snake!

More playing!

Working hard on a bear art project! What toddler doesn't love glue?

We LOVE Como Zoo and Conservatory and we definitely love Lil' Explorers Thursdays. It's always so perfectly run, planned, organized, and geared towards the young ones. Can't wait to go again! (We have plans to go in a couple weeks when the theme is "Under the Sea!")

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