February 26, 2014

Maternity Photo Sesh

Everyone who reads my blog has seen my amazing photographer, Amanda Rang's skills. She was the one who did the awesome job on our Mother/Daughter session back this past summer. Her work is so good - she's got such a great eye, and her editing is amazing. She really did an incredible job on my maternity pictures with this pregnancy! I wanted something completely different this time around, seeing that my first pregnancy I was very traditional when it came to the pictures. We took the usual pictures; mom and dad hugging, smiling, dad's hands on mom's belly, etc. I wanted to showcase pregnancy in a different way this time. I wanted to remember, since this may be my last pregnancy, that pregnancy is a beautiful, natural thing and a woman can be radiant during this time. I wanted these pictures to be special. Well, Amanda did all that and more. She not only made pregnancy look amazing, but she made me look much better than usual. Hah! (She even did my hair and makeup, and styled my shoot!) Thank you Amanda, for always putting in all your effort!

©Amanda Rang Photography. Please do not copy, crop, or alter images.


  1. I can only imagine your children's reactions once they see your photos. Hehe! They will surely think their mom's a model. You look good, Diana! Anyway, I do hope you’ll stay healthy as you approach your delivery date. How are you now? Hope you’re not experiencing any pregnancy complications. :)

    Adam Heller

  2. Awesome PhotoSesh pics!
    -the PhotoSesh Team


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