February 26, 2014

A Baby Sprinkle for Baby #2

I'm super, super blessed to have such good friends! My best friend Gaotah and very good friend Annie decided to host a Baby Sprinkle for baby #2! For anyone new to this, it's basically a little baby celebration to honor the mama and baby, without it being focused on "showering" the person with gifts. So, instead of a "shower" it's a "sprinkle." Pretty cute idea. 

Gaotah and Annie did such an awesome job. The set up was so, so cute. They had a little sprinkle cupcake bar for people to make their own cupcakes which was adorable. They had some little finger foods and snacks and it was a low key affair. It was a small gathering of 8 of my friends and we basically socialized, traded horrifying and cute stories about our kids, shared our birth stories, and laughed. 

Gaotah had everyone write baby #2 a letter and everyone was given a onesie to decorate. She had various sized onesies, cloth, materials, and pens for everyone to use to create something for baby #2. It was really cute and fun. I found it was a lot more fun than the typical baby shower games people make you endure. My regret from the day? I took so many pictures focusing on the food table that I forgot to take pictures of US! There are no pictures of me or my guests! How silly. I guess we were having too much fun to notice!

Here are all the onesies that were made at the sprinkle. So cute! I can't wait for baby #2 to wear them! Thanks again so much Gaotah and Annie. It was such a nice, sweet, fun party!!

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