January 13, 2014

Welcoming the Third Trimester

It's hard to believe that I'm already at 29 weeks pregnant. Give or take about 10 more weeks and baby #2 should be here! I have to say that this pregnancy has been a dream pregnancy, especially since we weren't dreaming of having another! I have to admit that I've been extremely lucky with this pregnancy physically - I have had no real complaints at all. Briefly I had really severe lower back pain (couldn't twist, couldn't lift, couldn't bend), but it went away after a few weeks. I have no new stretch marks (yet), no line on my belly (yet), no pains (yet), no heartburn (yet), no extreme fatigue (yet), etc. I haven't even gained half the weight that I had gained last time and I'm not waddling like I did last time.

At 20 weeks we had our sex revealing ultrasound, and at that appointment they had discovered an echogenic foci (aka a little hole on the baby's heart) which they had also found on Noelle's heart at the same time. They seem to occur a lot in Asian pregnancies and is nothing to worry about. It's not so much a hole, but a little dot on the baby's heart that usually resolves itself. Joey and I were much more concerned the first time, but this time we know it's common and aren't giving it another thought.

One thing that did happen this pregnancy that didn't last time was that I failed my gestational diabetes test! I had to return for the 3 hour glucose test, which you sit at the lab for 3 hours and get your blood drawn 4 times (once before the nasty drink, and then once ever hour for the next 3 hours). Joey and I were totally bummed out at first because I was almost certain that I had diabetes. It would have explained the one time I fainted at school, and other symptoms. Although we knew that all I would really have to do if this was the case, was to watch my diet, we were worried about it affecting the baby. They say chances are higher for the baby to be large and also develop diabetes as a child if the mother has it during the pregnancy. We were not happy. Luckily, after my 3 hour stay at the clinic, we got the test results back negative! No diabetes! We were SO happy.

At this time last pregnancy I was making my "birth plan." Laughable. This time my plan is: as soon as anything happens I'm going to the hospital asap and making sure that I get an epidural. The end. Last time I was watching video after video of natural births, reading hynobirthing books, and so forth. I haven't picked up one reading material at all. I haven't even checked on the status of this pregnancy for months. Crazy how different everything is this time compared to last! I haven't given any thought to going into labor either - except that I better not miss that window of time where I can get my pain drugs. LOL

Now that we are getting closer to the due date, I'm ecstatic, but also overwhelmed. I feel like I could have this baby tomorrow and I want to meet her NOW, but I also feel like the house is no where near ready for another addition, we have nothing organized and ready, we haven't registered for the hospital, I would have no idea what to grab for the hospital, etc. I only have 6 more weeks left at work and then (hopefully if baby doesn't come early) I will have 4 weeks to fully prepare. I'm not counting on those 4 weeks though since Noelle came 2 weeks early, so I'm trying to get things ready a little bit each day. Hopefully by the time I'm off work I can just do the finishing touches - like pack my bag, install the car seat(s), fill a diaper bag up again (so crazy - never thought I'd own a diaper bag again!), etc.

Here goes the last 10 weeks! Woo hoo!

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