January 21, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Pout in Pink's 'Princess For a Day' Event!

So I found out about this new boutique and party center called "Pout in Pink" in Woodbury a couple months back and decided to follow them on Facebook. I'm so glad that I did because that's how I found out about their event called "Princess For a Day." It sounded EXACTLY up Noelle's alley. She absolutely LOVES princesses right now, especially the Disney princesses, and this party was going to have a special guest...Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast (one of Noelle's favorites)! I was hesitant to bring her at first, wondering if she might be too young but nope- my worries were for nothing! Noelle had SO much fun. She was clearly the youngest one there, but definitely not the most shy! She was in love with everything. She LOVED Belle, she loved the tea party, loved getting dolled up, loved dancing with Belle, and loved watching all the older girls wearing familiar Disney princess dresses.

The event was so, so cute. They had the placed decorated with all Belle decorations - yellow and red roses, and all the little girls got a tiara and big chunky necklaces. 

The girls got a tea etiquette lesson from Belle. (Pinky's up!)

They also feasted on strawberries, cream puffs, strawberry wafers, cupcakes, cheese crackers, bunny crackers, etc. Their "tea" was pink lemonade. 

Noelle loved her little bell that she got. All the girls got a tiny bell with their names on it to ring whenever they needed a refill on tea!

Here is Noelle getting her hair done. She was such a good girl! She sat nice and still and let the girl do her hair and spray it down with glitter spray!

She was looking forward to this since the day before! I had told her that she could get her nails painted and she didn't forget! As soon as she saw other girls getting their nails done she gasped "My nails mama!" She picked out the glitter polish. :)

More pampering! Here she's getting some glitter on her cheeks and some pink blush and eyeshadow!

Checking herself out in the mirror after some lip gloss.

Here she is sitting with Belle. Of course, she was the first one up close and personal with Belle and she didn't hesitate to jump into her lap.

Noelle repeatedly told me "Belle loves me mama. She loves me."

Dancing on stage!

Here's Noelle dancing with Belle!

All the girls in their costumes were so cute.

Here the girls are working on their picture frames, with glitter, sequins, gems, and tiara stickers!

Other things they did during the two hour party: story time, a fashion show, and a dance lesson!

Noelle was more than ready to walk the catwalk!

She went again!

At the end of the party all the girls took a bow on stage. Adorable.

Noelle did NOT want to leave. She was the last princess there, lingering around. She ended up pulling Belle's hand around the shop showing her everything that she wanted. 

It was seriously so much fun for Noelle and I. I felt like it was the ultimate mommy/daughter date and I cannot wait for more!! They said that they are planning on holding more 'Princess for a Day' events with different princesses so that's exciting! I know Noelle would love an Ariel party as well as a Rapunzel party!!


  1. Hi Diana! This is Angie from Pout In Pink! I was online doing a Google search of our store and ran across your blog. Wow! I love all the photos! I was honestly teary eyed looking at this amazing write up with all of the photos of ! Thank you so much for all your kind words about our store and party center. With your permission of course, we would love to post a couple of these on our Facebook page and mobile site. Let me know if that is ok. Noelle is such a cutie pie! We want to be the cutest place to bring little girls for clothing, parties,events and of course fun!

    1. Please use any pictures you would like! We love PIP!!!


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