December 14, 2013

Pregnancy #2; Second Trimester

Pregnancy #1
  • Physical symptoms. I had massive headaches, so it says in my first pregnancy journal. I do recall getting pouding headaches at night, and even a few migraines. I also was waking up at night from painful heartburn. (Was it pregnancy, or all that junk food - we'll never know.)
  • Physical apperance. By 17 weeks I had the dreaded linea nigra on my stomach. It started under my chest and went all the way down to my underwear line. It was disgusting (to me)! I hated it so much and with each week it got longer and darker. I also developed lots of lovely stretch marks all over my thighs and on the outside of my hips. I taped pictures of these in my pregnancy journal as "birth control," lol, didn't work apparently.
  • Mental. I was the happiest, jolliest, roundest, proudest, most excited mother to be in the world.
  • Baby Movements. I felt the first flutters at 20 weeks, first jabs at 22, and baby truly started kicking hard at 24 weeks! I also could feel hiccups at 24 weeks, which Noelle still gets a lot now. I'm excited to feel these again!
  • Weight. By 22 weeks I had already gained 23 pounds! Wowza! Someone should have kept me away from the bakery! The midwife tried to warn me, by scolding me at 13 weeks that I was already gaining too much weight too quickly, but nothing stopped me from indulging and using pregnancy as an excuse to gorge. 

13 Weeks
Pregnancy #2
  • Physical symptoms. I experienced a few things that I NEVER had during the first pregnancy. I wake up several times a week drenched in sweat and I am FREEZING. I have shivered so hard that my teeth started chattering loud enough to wake Joey. I feel like I'm naked, outside, in the dead of winter. I also have been getting numb hands a lot, which never happened to me with Noelle. I hadn't expected it, but wasn't surprised since I had heard of other people experiencing this during pregnancy. The first time it happened was of course when I woke up one night with my night sweats. I tried to wake Joey up to have him warm me up, and my hand was so numb that I didn't know if I was hitting him or barely touching him. (He later told me that I was barely touching him, lol.) Another change from last pregnancy? Back pain. Sure, I had back pain with Noelle, especially when I was as big as a house, but not like this. I'm in so much pain half the time that I can't even bend my sides, forget ever bending over, getting out and in bed is painful, and I can't reach for anything above my head. It's crazy!
  • Physical apperance. I am lucking out this time - no dark line on my stomach and no stretch marks (yet)! I think it's due to my slower weight gain, and also, perhaps God is giving me a break since all my silver stretch marks from last pregnancy are still there! 
  • Mental. Although I'm a lot better this trimester than last, I'm still a basket case. I go through crazy mood swings, like I've never expierenced before. Not to mention, my mind doesn't stop at night. I've been having the most vivid dreams, and they almost always are either nightmares leaving me screaming for mercy, or are so dysfunctional that I wake up feeling completley lost. These dreams + waking up in cold sweats is making for really terrible sleep! 
    18 Weeks
    • Baby Movements. I felt the first flutters at 16 weeks, which to be honest, I thought was gas. I couldn't believe that I could really be feeling the baby, until at 17 weeks the flutters became little kicks, and then the kicks became hard enough to feel from the outside. This was so, so cool. It was definitely the one thing I needed in order to go from ho-hum about this pregnancy to full on excited! Things got even better at 20 weeks because now the kicks are hard enough for Joey to feel them! This is so much sooner than with Noelle, and I love it. Feeling the baby will always be my favorite thing about pregnancy, it's amazing!
    • Weight. At 20 weeks, I had only gained 5 pounds. This. Is. Amazing. Well, to me anyways. My doctor showed concern that I wasn't eating enough, but please lady, trust me. I eat enough. I think with this pregnancy I've just been much more active. There is no time for naps or laying around. There are 3 kids for me to run after, classes to attend, homework to do, chores to (try to) keep up...I'm just always on the go! My doctor wants me to gain 20 more pounds, which means gaining a pound a week - totally achieveable. What a nice change this is, being told to gain weight, instead of being told to stop eating donuts. 
      19 Weeks - Pardon the messy house!

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