December 31, 2013

Resolutions for 2014

Keeping (my own little) tradition, it's that time again, where I make some resolutions for myself for the upcoming new year. Last year I made 4 resolutions (stop caring what judgmental people think, losing the baby weight, losening the reigns on Noelle, and more date nights), that I'm proud to say were all accomplished. Resolutions for me are a big deal, because it's a promise that I make to myself and I tend to follow through. I just remember to be realistic about them and don't make a long list. The longer the list, the bigger the chore!

As we go into this new year with big changes (I am leaving my job after February, and having a new baby in March) I need to set some important goals for myself.

1. Get organized. I need to make a much larger effort to get our house organized. It may be the nesting instinct in me right now, but my house is driving me crazy. I want to be able to find everything I need, stop throwing things into endless piles, and just declutter! Our house is a hazard zone of piles; piles of laundry (dirty and clean), piles of bills and unopened mail, piles of unread magazines, piles of toys pushed aside, piles of books in each corner, piles of unfolded clothes shoved in drawers, etc. I'm suffocating in our own mess! Because this one goal, is in fact a major one, I needed to make mini goals within the larger goal (geesh).

  • De-hoard. Joey and I are hoarders. I can't let go of old Christmas and Birthday cards, Noelle's art projects, and home decor (we probably have 50 picture frames sitting in boxes). Joey can't let go of old clothes, CDs (who listens to CDs anymore), and his bachelor stuff from years ago. We need to prioritize our stuff and THROW STUFF AWAY!
  • Utilizing space and storage. I need to invest in some major storage. Everything needs a place of it's own. I need to figure out how to fit everything we have and need in the small space we have.

2.  Be smarter with money. This is a big one for us. As we begin this new year with my job ending, and a new child coming, we need to cut costs. We need to stop spending money on things we don't NEED, and being a smart shopper when it comes to the things we do need.

  • Get rid of cable.
  • Call credit card companies and ask for lower interest rates. Try to defer student loans.
  • Limiting spending money. (This includes eating out, night out with friends, etc.)
  • Possibly seek out a financial advisor, and get budgeting!

3. Meal planning and cooking. Another way for us to save money is by me cooking at home. I need to meal plan so I know what to purchase each week, and what to cook each night. I've never been a great cook, so this will be a stretch for me to find easy recipes and start using the kitchen more often! This will be not only cheaper but healthier as well!

Only 3 resolutions this year because I think these will be hard, especially at first! These are well worth it though and are things that will (hopefully) change and impact our lives. Happy New Year everyone, and may all your goals be reached!!

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