December 21, 2013

Christmas Season '13

I seriously just LOVE Christmas time! It's so much fun and this year is the best one so far. Noelle is older now and getting to such a fun age! I've been drilling in the idea of Christmas with books, videos, and talking about Santa all the time. We've been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving and put up our tree the week of Thanksgiving. Noelle knows all about Santa, the elves, the nice and naughty list, and can sing and recognize tons of Christmas songs. It was hilarious this year going to get our Santa picture, because, like usual, she was thrilled about the idea of Santa, until she actually saw him. This year Joey and I brought her to Rosedale and she was happy as a clam in line but the second she saw Santa she started freaking out and climbing on us, chanting "No Santa! No Santa!" until we reached him. Needless to say, she didn't smile. 

We love the picture though! It captures the moment and will be so fun to show her years from now! She cried last year too, so we didn't really expect anything else!

Here's our family ornament this year. I had so much fun asking them to write "Baby #2." :)

Here's Noelle getting into the spirit by decorating a little kid tree with Evan and Amery. The kids did this last year too, but it went a lot better this year!

Here the kids are, opening up their presents from each other before Christmas break (next week). Noelle wanted to use tools to unwrap her presents...

Klip Klops! She was so happy!

Here Noelle is helping Amery open up his present. She is so into present opening this year, which really excites me for next week! I can't wait for her to open all her Christmas presents!

Another one for Noelle.

Yay! The Little Mermaid! Or as Noelle calls her, "me-maid."


Heather, Erin and I at cookie making this year!

Noelle having so much fun with her cousins, as usual.

Dancing with Ava!

Dancing to "Gangham Style" and "Timber."

Noelle got to for the first time participate in cookie decoarting. Basically she just ate a sugar cookie and a bunch of frosting.

She loved it. Naturally.

Sprinkles! (Check out Ty's cookie! Lol.)

The kids had so much fun.

After the cookies, Noelle got a little wild...

I'm so excited for this following week! Tuesday we will be going to Heather's house for our Christmas Eve party with the family and Sue and Don. Wednesday morning we will have our Christmas, skyping with my parents of course! Wednesday afternoon we will have dinner at Joey's Grandma Ethel's. New Year's Day we will celebrate Christmas with Joey's dad and Michele. This is the happiest, jolliest, time of year! I love it!!

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