December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning at The Wagner's '13

Santa came to The Wagner's!!! Noelle was thrilled to see that Santa had stopped by to drop off her new train set! She came down the stairs and said "Oh Santa come!!" Then she said "Thank you Santa!" to the air. So cute and funny!

She started opening up presents from Grandma Tuyet and Grandpa Bau, and mama and daddy but had to stop and enjoy each present before moving onto the next!

Lesson learned? Less gifts and more rationing! Noelle would have been thrilled with one gift!

Hello Kitty hair binders, clips, and a comb for her vanity!

 "There's more?" She started getting tired. 

And more?! Our little Princess is rather spoiled...

 Eating breakfast, skyping, and playing with new toys all at once!

Oh! What's this!? DORA!

Don't forget the stocking gifts from Santa!

Pretty pearls!

More furniture for her Loving Family dollhouse!

Noelle LOVES to sing so she loves this real microphone that Santa brought her!

 Here Pooh, you sing.

Noelle LOVES her new vanity. Pretty princess likes to pamper and primp!

Noelle literally plays with this house for HOURS. 

It was a successful Christmas and Noelle got waaaay more than she needed! However, she loves everything and we don't regret seeing her smiling face.

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