December 27, 2013

Christmas at Grandma "Apple's" '13

On Christmas day we celebrated Christmas Round 2 at Grandma Ethel's (Apple's - as the kids call her, Joey's paternal grandmother's) house. It's always a nice gathering to see the other side of the family, which we don't see as often. 

Here we are trying to attempt a picture with Grandma after Noelle opened her gifts from her - some dance sweatpants and a Minnie Mouse play cell phone! So cute. Thanks Grandma!

Taking lottery ticket scratching very seriously.

Joey teaching all the girls how to play pool.

Look at that sass!!

Noelle, Alyssa and Samantha enjoying some dessert together!

These second cousins love each other!

Look at how much Noelle's grown since last year! Wowza!

Rocking her Michael Jackson hat. 

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