December 27, 2013

A Wagner Christmas '13

On Christmas Eve we celebrated our Christmas with Joey's mom, Don, and his siblings and Noelle's cousins at Heather's house. This was by far the most fun Christmas Joey and I have had, and it's all due to having a two year old! Noelle's at a perfect age now and understands Christmas. We have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas shows, and reading countless books on Christmas and Santa for about a month before Christmas so Noelle was excited for the holiday and presents! She also loved opening her presents, successfully ripping the paper off unlike last year. 

This is what it looks like when there's 12 adults and 10 kids in the family!

Noelle had pretty much everyone in the family take turns reading her Snow White. She's in love with Disney princesses right now!

Can't have enough desserts!

Playing Uno with her cousins!

Erin and Heather looking fab.


Opening her first present of the night!

Look at that concentration!

Love of my life.

Looking amazing on their new bench that Don made!

"Okay, thanks Cory, I'll take it from here." LOL. Noelle seriously tried to carry this box away.

Giving Vivi hugs for the art supplies! So sweet.

A little karaoke!

Nik, David and Cory busy trying to keep the piles of snow off the rink for the kids to skate!

Playing dress up with new Christmas toys!

Merry Christmas from The Wagners!

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