November 8, 2013


Our beautiful, smart, funny little princess is officially two years old. It seems impossible that she has already been alive for that long, yet at the same time it's hard to remember our lives before her. She's at the best, most fun, age right now and I don't want to forget a thing about her!

A glance at Noelle at 2 years old:
Nicknames: Well, Noellie, NoNos
Favorite color: Blue. Everything she picks and wants is blue!
Favorite books: Goodnight Moon, Llama Llama, Look & Finds, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 10 Little Babies, Days of the Week - to name a few of the die hards.
Favorite shows: Max & Ruby, Barney, Elmo's World, Thomas and Friends (although she basically likes anything on Nick Jr. and also a few on Sprout).
Favorite movies: The Chipmunk Adventure (first cartoon feature that she watches that is full length) and The Lorax (the old version).
Favorite songs: She loves singing ABC/Barney's I Love You song, and Twinkle Twinkle. She loves to listen to songs from Elmo, The Chipmunks, Dora, Barney, and randomly Gangnam Style, What does the fox say, and "Counting Stars" by Onerepublic. 
Favorite foods: Chipotle, chicken nuggets, fried rice, peas, turkey sausage, pancakes, sweet potato fries, guacamole, and shaped macaroni and cheese.
Favorite activities: Playing with Little People (her "guys"), her babies, reading books alone, playing with play dough, watching shows in mom and dad's bed.
Favorite animals: partial to elephants, dogs, fish, cats. (Has never expressed interest in real cats but likes to watch them on Youtube).
Favorite outfits: Pajamas. Getting dressed is a nightmare every day.
Favorite games: Hide and Seek; the only one she knows.

This last year with Noelle was awesome, and so much fun. The first year was amazing, seeing her grow from an infant, to a crawling, eating baby. The next year was even better, full of firsts: first steps, words, etc. She truly developed her own personality and it's so fun to watch her grow and learn. A glimpse of her last year:

We celebrated her actual birthday, Wednesday, with a full day at the Children's Museum, out for lunch, and then dinner over Skype with my parents. She got to open her presents from them and a little gift from us. 

Here is what she woke up to on her birthday morning: (Her daddy is very sweet!)

This Saturday (tomorrow) we are throwing her a birthday party with her cousins, grandparents in MN, and her friends! I'll post about that afterwards!

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