November 5, 2013

MN Tot Spots: Trick or Treating @ Har Mar Mall

On actual Halloween, we took Noelle out for her very first time "real" trick or treating. It was a fun time! We started off just going to Joey's sister's house so she could see her cousins and trick or treat there. After she showed off her costume we took her to Har Mar Mall to trick or treat indoors, since it was just way too cold out for her! 

Little Red Riding Hood!

Trick or Treat!

We had tons of fun trick or treating at the mall! We met our friends Vineel and Suchi there with their sweet little girl Anya that I used to nanny for, and Anya showed Noelle what to do! It was perfect for the little toddlers who just can't bear being outside for too long! At first Noelle had no idea what was going on. Then after Anya showed her how to ask for candy, it was on! Noelle couldn't get enough. After she learned all she had to say was "Tick o teet!" and get handfuls of candy she LOVED it. 

We weren't sure what we were going to think about trick or treating indoors but it worked out great! We didn't have to wear our jackets, Noelle could run around freely, we didn't have to worry about the dark, and Noelle already knew her way around Har Mar. It was pretty fun and Noelle got lots of treats!

"Thank coo!!"

"Look mama, I got a sucker!"

So much fun!

Determined Little Red Riding Hood.

"Lets get more mama."

Sorting through candy as soon as she got home!

I can't wait to do this again next year. It was perfect for Noelle and it will be good and easy for us next year, as we will be toting around a 7 month old too!! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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