November 27, 2013

Growing Sproutlet!

Noelle seems to have grown so rapidly that I haven't been able to keep up with it all! I feel like I had her yesterday, and then all of a sudden, bam, here she is, a full on toddler! It's fun, definitely, but so bittersweet. I miss my little baby! Of course that's why we've been blessed and in 4 months we will have another little baby...but I still miss my first baby.

Some BIG changes that have occurred since our little one turned two? Well, she has officially gone from her toddler bed to a real bed. She's currently sleeping on a twin mattress with no rails and she loves it. It's been 2.5 weeks and so far no problems. The first night we did it, it was mostly for fun/experiment. We were rearranging furniture to see if we could possibly fit both girls into the same bedroom - which we can. We put Noelle's twin mattress in a corner and asked her if she wanted to sleep on it. She said yes and jumped right into it! She played, jumped, and had a heck of a time climbing in and out for a couple hours. Bedtime came and we had no problems. We waited for the other shoe to drop because we couldn't believe how easy it was going, but we didn't have to - she loves it. She no longer cares about her old crib and refers to it as "baby's bed."

Another huge change in our house? Noelle is in her bed right now as I type this, without her pacifier. This will be the very first night that she sleeps without one, so I'm not sure what will happen! About a week and a half ago we decided enough was enough with the pacifier and started taking it away, only allowing her to have it at nap and bedtime. As long as she was distracted when we took it away there were no major problems. Of course, if I just pulled it from her mouth, there was A LOT of crying and screaming. Anyone who knows Noelle knows that we have (had?) a major paci problem in this house. Noelle almost ALWAYS has one and she asks for it whenever it's gone. She loves it and "needs" it for almost all transitions. In majority of her pictures you can see that she has one in her mouth.Tonight after we read 5,000 books I decided to just put her down without one. So far, so good. Fingers crossed!

My baby is growing up and it's amazing. Her vocabulary is extensive and she catches on to so much! She even tells Joey how to get home from my work. She seriously will tell him "turn here daddy" and point down the street that he's suppose to take. It blows us away. She also makes proclamations like "Well big girl," "I do it by myself," etc. She can count to 13 now, sing a large variety of songs, and tells us her preferences. She's rather picky about her music in the car, and the books we read.

Noelle also amazed us the other night by telling us 3 times before she had to go on the potty. We weren't sure if she was just saying it or not, but then we were shocked when she was right and did go potty! She has been going pee on the potty every day at least once for a while, but we aren't sure how to proceed with the potty training yet because some days she doesn't seem interested at all. For a while we knew she was physically ready, not mentally ready, so we halted our potty training but now that she is able to tell us before she has to go, we think she might be more ready. We will probably tackle this full on after we are done with the paci. Only one growing pain at a time! :)

Noelle is so, so fun. She cracks us up, and she is sweet as pie. We love her so, so much. She's growing up to be such a sweet, funny, little girl!! 

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