October 6, 2013

The Stats; 23 Months

Current favorites: 
Barney, Max & Ruby, her "guys" (aka Little People), dogs, babies, books. Loves going to the park, playing outside, running in circles, going down the slides, and swinging on the "big kid swing."

Going shopping with mama is always fun!

Having a little applesauce break with the boys at the park!

No longer likes:
Variety of foods. Only the bland and typical please.
Fruit pouches. Pssh. Those are for babies. (I'm depressed by this, as this now makes making sure she gets veggies A LOT harder.)

Newest obsession? The beam at gymnastics.

New activities:
  • Gymnastics and dance class! Dance has improved greatly - now she actually participates, and smiles! Took her 3 weeks to warm up, but hey, at least she got there! Now she loves it.
  • Obsessed with brushing her teeth. Will brush teeth for an hour if you let her. She likes to use an electric toothbrush, like us, and then she likes to "charge" it on my Sonicare charger.
  • Kid talks up a storm. Constantly adding words to her vocabulary each day so it's hard to keep track! Noteworthy phrases have to be: "Daddy, no talking!" and "Noelle do it!"

Pretty sure her temperament and personality so far is sticking with her for life. Still hasn't changed a day since she was born... Observant, serious, hesitant, careful, safe, cautious and shy. She takes a long time to warm up to new people, new situations, new places, and she prefers to warm up on her own. Don't look at her or talk to her - that's what she would prefer!

Puzzles with mama at the pizza parlor!

  • Noelle is still carrying around a blanket (or two, or three) with her all over the place. For whatever reason, it's her security thing and she freaks out without it. She doesn't have one favorite, but just needs any blanket with her at all times. We have now accumulated over 15 blankets (80% of them pink)! It's crazy. Some have rips, torn edges, permanent stains, etc. from all the love!
  • She still has a paci problem. Or more so, we have a paci problem. We have tried, unsuccessfully to get her to part with it but give in when the screaming and tears don't seem worth it. We have at least been able to have her go paci free for most of the day but as soon as she gets even a little crabby she starts begging for it. "Paaaaciiiii, paaaaaccciiiiiii!!! Where paci go?!?!? Where paci go?!?!" She throws herself on the floor and begs for it, for as long as it takes. It's not pretty.
  • Noelle is still a diaper baby. Those few times that she went on the potty were just jokes to humor me that my child may potty train early. She is physically ready, but not mentally. We tried to get her in the habit of going to the potty when she needs to but when she gets there, she looks at it, looks at me and says "No potty, icky" and then walks away.

Watching Max & Ruby, or as Noelle calls it, "bunny show!"

For a kid who was on the higher end of the charts throughout her first year, she has really slowed down, and may end up being a little peanut after all!
She's still 24 lbs, and has been surpassed by her friend Amery who is a year younger!
She has grown one inch over the last few months - 33" total.
Has all her teeth but back molars.
Still wearing some 18 months, 18-24, 24, and some 2T.
Gone up one shoe size - size 6.

Big Sister Status:
So far, she doesn't understand what this means, not that we expect her to. We've been asking her where the baby is, and she will point at my belly, kiss it, rub it, etc. but we're pretty sure she doesn't grasp what that really means. When we ask her if she wants a baby boy or girl, she answers "boy" every single time. :) She's been playing with her babies a lot and being very nurturing. She likes to change her babies, and says things like "Oh no baby! Poopy!" She cracks me up how much she acts like me, just on her own, without any coaxing from me. She loves to feed her babies, wrap them in blankets, rock them, read books to them, etc. Like any parents, we're worried about jealousy but overall I think another addition will be great for her, and that she will adjust fine. With how much she likes her baby dolls, HOPEFULLY she likes her sibling that much!

 Reading to her baby.

Changing baby's diaper.

Oh squirt. We love you so, sooooo much!! One more month till you're 2!! Love you, love you, love you! xoxo

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