October 6, 2013

Pregnancy #2; First Trimester

It's early on in the game, yet I can already see just how different this second pregnancy is going to be from the first. Let me share what I've encountered during the first trimester:

Pregnancy #1
  • Morning sickness. I was so, so sick during the first trimester. I couldn't stomach anything but Rice Krispie bars, ginger snap cookies, and Sprite - very healthy right? I couldn't stay asleep worth anything because in the middle of the night I'd wake up with the worse nausea. Per my midwife's suggestion I had to take Unisom to keep the nausea at bay so I could sleep through the night. I vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night, crying because I was so tired and miserable. I also remember waking up in the morning and seeing 2-3 Rice Krispie bar wrappers on the floor next to the bed from my middle of the night snackings. The nausea was even bad enough that I worse those silly Sea Bands on my wrists every day. I hadn't told anyone yet about the pregnancy so I had to hide the bands under long sleeves!
  • Physical/mental. My body changed right away. My chest was super tender and sore. I couldn't even stand the feel of water from the shower hitting my chest. I felt hungover all day every day, and found myself needing to take a couple naps a day just to get through. As soon as 8 weeks, I had headaches, heartburn, etc. Mentally though I was the happiest I had ever been. Joey and I were ecstatic about the pregnancy, so I couldn't stop talking about it. It was the only thing on my mind and I couldn't stop celebrating. 
  • Weight gain. I started gaining weight right away. I had been a vegetarian for two years prior to this pregnancy and during the third month I started craving meat. The sudden addition of meat into my body turned into weight gain very fast! That as well as snacking all the time on carbs (the only thing that made my nausea go away) really added up. Even my midwife said at my second appointment that I was gaining too much, too quickly! I had gained 13 pounds by the second trimester! End result? I gained over 50 pounds with Noelle!
  • Maternityhood. I stared wearing maternity clothes at 7 weeks. I was sporting Bella Bands in the first few weeks and reaaaaaally enjoying it. I was obsessed with my own pregnancy, so I couldn't wait to show, and tell people. I was reading multiple pregnancy books, journaling constantly, and taking tons of pictures of my belly. 
Pregnancy #2
  • Morning sickness. I was sick this first trimester, but not in comparison to the first time. I got nauseous in the car a lot, and felt very queasy but I never had to throw up. I also slept fine, and didn't have any excuse to snack at night. I also was able to eat everything that I normally eat. In some ways, it was like nothing was happening to me at all. At night, I'd feel queasy and need to lay down, but besides that I didn't experience any pregnancy symptoms.
  • Physical/mental. Mentally, I was a lot worse during the first trimester. I went through a period of intense depression, anxiety, and worry. I felt like I had a lot more fears this time around than the first. I found myself down and didn't feel like seeing anyone. So although, physically nothing happened to me, mentally I went through an emotional ride.
  • Weight gain. I'm currently at 15 weeks and I've only gained 3 pounds. I'm super happy and excited about this, since it took me almost 2 years to lose the baby weight from my first pregnancy! Something I'm doing differently this time around is trying to be more active. I didn't exert myself too much with the first pregnancy and this time I'm running after kids, not able to take as many breaks, and also just trying to be healthier. I ran my first 5k while in the first trimester, and it felt great!
  • Maternityhood. My, how things change the second time around! I have no need for my maternity clothes yet (thank goodness) and I hope to not have to for as long as possible! I also waited much longer to tell people, as I wasn't as preoccupied with this pregnancy. I announced our pregnancy at 14 weeks, while with the first pregnancy, we told everyone at 10 weeks. I'm so busy with Noelle that I forget I'm pregnant all the time. I don't think about my pregnancy all that much, I'm not reading any books, and I need to do a better job of at least taking weekly pictures!

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