October 2, 2013

Oops...We Did It Again!

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they are bad. Sometimes they are amazing. Sometimes, they are babies.

Joey and I found out that we are pregnant once again! It was completely unplanned, unexpected, and a shock to find out! We had not so long ago decided that we were completely content with having one child and living our lives as a small family of three. Noelle JUST got easier to care for and was beginning to be such a big girl. We were thrilled to stash bottles away, get rid of baby items, put away gates, take down the crib, etc. Every time we walked past the baby items at Babies R Us, we would say things like "Oh thank god we are never doing that again!" or "Geesh, look at that stuff! I'm so glad we're done!" Well, I guess the universe has other plans because apparently we aren't done! 

It was a hard adjustment at first, and I'm not going to lie, it was emotionally and mentally exhausting for both of us. With Noelle, we had been trying and planning for her, so when we found out we were pregnant, we were practically jumping up and down, laughing with excitement. It was hard to not have the same sheer joy this time around when we found out. Questions as to how we were going to do this kept stressing us out and taking away our happiness. What are we going to do? How are we going to afford this? How do we love another child? Will we ever leave the house alone again? Gasp - more importantly - will we ever sleep again???

The first few weeks were hard. Joey and I lost a lot of sleep over conversations ranging from where we planned on living (can our kids really bunk together?), what we were going to do for work, our budget (hah!), how to balance two kids, how to financially feed/clothe/diaper two kids, and of course we talked about how this was going to change our lives completely, all over again. There were tears. There were pregnancy hormones. It was rough. 

Finally, after a couple weeks of utter shock, we calmed down and saw this for what it really is. This surprise is a miracle. It may not have been planned, asked for, or expected, but it is a miracle none the less. This isn't just something that's going to take away our sanity, sleep, and money...it's our BABY. This is Noelle's SIBLING. This is the fourth member of our family. It took us a while to see clearly and see how silly we are. Everything happens for a reason. We were meant to have this child, we will, and we will survive.

Life is full of surprises!

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