October 6, 2013

He or She? We Shall See...

I decided that in order to pass some of this time and to have some fun, I would test out all the old wive's tales in order to guess Baby #2's gender. First, I wanted to see just how "accurate" the tests were against my pregnancy with Noelle.

- Noelle -
Heartbeat: High, GIRL.
Sweet or Salty: Sweet, GIRL.
Chinese birth chart: GIRL.
Mayan's Legend: GIRL.
String/ring test: Pendulum, GIRL.
Skin: She definitely stole all my beauty, GIRL.
Morning sickness: Yes, GIRL.
Carrying high/low: High, GIRL.

Wow, 8 out of 8! So maybe there is something to these tests...

- Baby #2 -
Heartbeat: High, GIRL.
Sweet or Salty: Both!
Chinese birth chart: BOY.
Mayan's Legend: GIRL.
String/ring test: Didn't move at all...uh oh, lol, what does that mean?
Skin: Breaking out again, GIRL.
Morning sickness: Yes, yes, yes - GIRL.
Carrying high/low: too soon to tell

Other tests I'm trying out this time:
Feet temperature: Warm, GIRL.
Key test: Boy.

Other tests I want to try this time around:
  • Drano test. Apparently the color of your pee + Drano reveals baby's gender. Although, I think what it reveals is if you drink enough water. ;) (Green = girl, blue = boy.)
  • Baking soda test: Another pee one. (Fizzle, boy. Flat, girl.)

We find out the gender of the baby in 5 weeks!

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