October 1, 2013

Cousin Weekend at the Cabin

A couple weekends ago Joey, Noelle, and I decided to head up to the cabin for a nice relaxing fall weekend. Noelle and her cousin Vivi were the only kids up there that weekend, so it was a great time for them to bond! They are the youngest cousins in the family (only 1 year apart) so we're hoping that they will become the best of friends! So far, so good! As soon as we arrived there Vivi exclaimed to Noelle, "I am SO excited that you are here Noelle!!" They played together all weekend. It was adorable!

Here's Joey reading books to the girls. 

Dancing/jumping around together!

Vivi riding her big girl 4 wheeler!

"Vivi go dat way."

Playing Pet Shop together.

Watching some Strawberry Shortcake. :)

What a girls' weekend!

Enjoying the nice weather.

Behind that cup is a huge smile!

Watching grandma push Vivi on the tire swing.

Art time!

The girls "Elmocizing."

It was a super nice weekend, low key, and the girls had so much fun together. Hoping for some more opportunities to go up to the cabin again before it gets too cold!

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