October 16, 2013

MN Tot Spots; Minnesota Science Museum - Preschool Playdate

Attention all Children's Museum Members! If you are a member there, you get into The Science Museum free on Tuesdays for Preschool Playdate! And even if you aren't members, it's not too expensive to go! I found out via there website about the playdates and was so excited for something new to do with the kids! Since finding out about the playdates, we have already gone twice! The kids LOVED the science museum. I actually was pleasantly surprised at how much they had for young kids. I hadn't been to the science museum in so long that I had no idea if it was even toddler appropriate. Not only was it, but on Tuesdays they really make an effort to be tot friendly. They have a lot of hands on booths sit up with projects kids can do, experiments, or just stuff to look at and touch.

Evan trying to lift up the fish!

Noelle and Amery checking out some puzzles and books!

Putting together the map of the Mississippi!

Ooh a boat!

Noelle weighs not much more than a large fish, lol.

Noelle and Evan creating some butterfly collages. 

Dinosaur time!

Large chair...

...little chair.

The kids LOVE this.

Learning how to balance.

Creating their "flyboats" to test out what will float and what won't!

Evan testing out his 5 senses!

This was easily the kids favorite thing; the mechanical toys.

Learning about butterflies in MN!

Making patterns!

Earth puzzle!

I'm sure the kids will make me go back again soon...they love the "dinosaur museum!"
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