September 14, 2013

Noelle's First Trip to Austin!

Over Labor Day weekend Noelle and I boarded Noelle's first airplane and took off to Austin, Texas to see my folks and brothers. It was her first airplane ride, our first trip without daddy, and her first time meeting my brothers, Dustin and Dennis!

Having fun before boarding!

Watching airplanes and employees.

Noelle did really well at the airport and had a lot of fun walking around with me. She observed airplanes and kept on asking me what everyone was doing. We also grabbed some suckers from the gift shop to help with take-off and landing. 

"Waz dat guy doing mama?""

She did really well on the flight except for the last 20 minutes, which I think was caused from her ears popping. She was good up until that point, and started crying and screaming. After we landed, all was well once again.

Noelle was so excited when we got to my parent's house! My mom dug out all my old stuffed animals and Noelle had a blast piling them up on the bed and jumping into them.

After her exhausting and long day flying she fell asleep on my dad for 2 hours!

Noelle and "Bompa."

Noelle and Romi, my brother Dennis' dog.

Dennis, Noelle, Romi & Ana.

My mom cooked Noelle lots of yummy stuff the whole time we were there, including these fluffy waffles. Spoiled girl!

Here's Noelle playing in my parent's back yard.

On Saturday we went to the Austin Zoo. It was torching hot out and very humid! We thought we were getting away from Minnesota's nasty humidity for a while, but no, it was exactly the same!

Dustin in front of the Reptile exhibit.

Not super impressed.

Checking out the tigers with grandpa and grandma.


Playing with grandma!

Having a blast in grandma and grandpa's whirlpool bath tub! Way cooler than our bath tub at home!

Going to the park and pool with grandma!

"Sun mama!" - Noelle needed some sunglasses.

Having tons of fun playing peek-a-boo with grandma!

Taking a break from the pool for some fruit snacks!

Noelle went to the pet store with grandpa and grandma. I think she had more fun here than at the zoo.

At Dennis' pool for an evening swim.

Noelle had lots of fun with Dennis!


Noelle's a little fish! She loves the water!

Hanging out with our family and Ana's family.

Ana, Dustin, Dennis.

Noelle had tons of fun playing on grandpa and grandma's piano!

Swinging at the Vietnamese temple!

She was mesmerized by all the buddha statues. She walked around and said hi and bye to all of them!

Noelle enjoying some Auntie Anne's pretzels at the airport with mama before we head home. She's my favorite travel buddy!

My parents and brothers LOVED seeing Noelle and she had a blast traveling with me. I can't wait to vacation with my boo boo again!

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