September 14, 2013

Noelle Starts Dance!

Noelle started dance class two weeks ago at Larkin! She is attending "Mommy & Me" dance classes once a week with me, Evan and his mom! So far we've had two classes and the outlook is not promising, haha. While she may dance up a storm at home, in class she is EXTREMELY shy, timid, and scared to let go of my hand. I find myself getting more of a workout than she is when I'm carrying her around the room because she simply won't participate! Hopefully, things will look up as classes go on. Noelle is obsessed with her tap shoes and LOVES wearing them (to the point where she cries when I try to take them off) and she also gets excited when she hears songs in class that she recognizes so there's still hope. Maybe she just needs time to warm up! Here are pics from her first day of dance!

Here's Noelle and Evan hugging it out before dance class. She was thrilled as you can see.

Showing off her dance outfit!

Getting fitted for some new tap shoes and ballet shoes!

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