September 10, 2013

Miss Personality - 22 Months

The other night Noelle was having a sleepover with us in our bed. We had been laying in the dark, silent for at least 10 minutes. I was almost fast alseep, and thought she was too, when all of a sudden she whispers to me "Daddy is a boy." I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing.

"Heyo? Elmo?" - Just making calls to her peeps while shopping at the mall.

Conversation between us the other day:
Me: What's mama?
Noelle: Mama's a girl!
Me: What's daddy?
Noelle: Daddy's a boy!
Me: What's Noelle?
Noelle: Well's a cat! Meow!

Noelle practicing some yoga and dance moves.

The other morning when Noelle was playing in our bed she tooted. I said "Oh Noelle! Did you just toot?!" in which she replied, "I sorry!!!"

Playing some tunes on the piano at grandma and grandpa's.

Joey made a joke the other day that wasn't really all that funny. Noelle and I didn't laugh but she says to him monotone: "You funny daddy."

While I was making breakfast, Noelle sat on the counter to watch me cook.
Joey: She shouldn't be up there. I don't want her to fall.
Me: She's fine.
Noelle: Ya daddy, I fine.

iPads are super stressful. Watch Noelle at the end if you don't believe me.

One night Joey and I were in bed and all of a sudden we heard Noelle singing "Elmocize! Elmocize! Errbody Elmocize!" in her bed through the monitor.

Girl loves to Elmocize.

The other day Joey, Noelle and I were shopping and as Joey and Noelle passed a woman in the store (who had a short haircut) Noelle says "Look at that guy!" and points right at her. The woman than said "Oh yeah, I know, my hair is sort of short like a guys." Joey apologized and as they walked away Noelle kept on saying, loudly, "That guy! Guy! Guy!" Lucky for me I was on the other side of the store. As for Joey? He was so embarassed and morified.

We have a little bit of a paci problem.

When I asked Noelle if she loved the following, she said no to all of them: mama, daddy, grandma, grandpa. Then I asked her if she loved fruit snacks and she said yes. Of course!

Swinging with Evan and Amery.

One morning we walked over to the fridge and I said "What do you want for breakfast?" Noelle replied "Eye cream!" (aka ice cream.)

For sure a Wagner; looooves ice cream!

At the airport, Noelle and I went into the restroom. I went #1, however when we left the restroom Noelle told everyone within hearing distance "Mama poop! Mama poop!" Funny now, mortifying then.

Keep making us laugh ya little turd. Love you!

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