August 6, 2013

My Kid's Like, Old. (20 & 21 Months)

In the last couple months, Noelle has morphed into a different version of herself. While most of her personality traits have remained unchanged (hesitant, reluctant, untrusting, serious), some additional characteristics have surfaced as well as preferences and vocabulary. It is seriously the best entertainment in the world watching her, and I am shocked by her new skills/vocab, and somehow love her even more than I already did. My heart is bursting! Here's playing a little catch up on the last two months.

Listening to her talk is the best thing ever. She's starting to string more words together and she has a lot more phrases. It's not so much what she says, but how she says them that cracks me up.

Some of my favorites:
"Beep! Beep!" - When someone of something is in her way.
"Aye-pane! In the sky!"
"Where ____ go?" (Insert missing person or object.)
She also refers to herself as "Well" and says things like "Well tired. Well cold. Well go night night."

New skills:
Counts to 10 (skips 9 usually).
Knows all major body parts. (Head, shoulders, knees, feet, arms, hands, face parts, etc.)
Knows up and down.

Favorite songs to sing:
The Elmo Song.
Other songs from Elmo & Sesame Street.
The Wheels on the Bus.
Old McDonald's Farm. (Just the EIEIO and animal parts.)
Some songs from The Wiggles.

It's safe to say Noelle is naturally girly. The only way that she will allow me to dress her now without a humongous ordeal in the morning is when I let her pick her clothes. I usually give her two choices and she always picks the dresses if there's one to choose from. She loves dresses and likes to spin in them. She also loves to arabesque, and if I ask her to do it she will run over to something that she can lean on/hold on to - it's so funny! She likes ballerinas and will usually point them out by saying "tutu." Noelle is very nurturing and is always playing with her baby dolls, and you can overhear her saying things like "Oh there you go baby. It okay baby. Oh no baby. Baby cry? Here baby" and she covers them with kisses. It's so funny and shows that she really pays attention to the things I say and do! She also is super protective and concerned about her nanny brothers (aka Evan and Amery). For instance today when we were at the Children's Museum we were walking out of an exhibit and she freaked out and started screaming "Ivan!? Ivaaaan! Ivaaan!?" looking for Evan. Then she said "Where Me-me go?" asking about Amery. She's such a little mother.

While she may be girly, Noelle really likes trains, cars, airplanes and dinosaurs too. She is obsessed with trucks. We have now mastered differentiating cement truck, delivery truck, fire truck, garbage truck, big truck (this is just an SUV), digger, dump truck and Bobcat. We spend an awful lot of time walking to construction sites and then standing there watching construction trucks work. She is mesmerized. She runs around pretending to be vehicles, making sounds like "Wheee oh wheee oh wheee oh (siren)," "honk, honk," "beep, beep," "vroom vroom," or "choo choo." She loves Thomas the Train. She plays with her train table and trains every single day.

New behaviors:
Temper tantrums.
Picky about food.
Lots of stranger anxiety.

Other noteworthy things I don't want to forget: She loves Chipotle. This girl is so funny. She loves the rice and the spicy chicken, and also eats guacamole like it's going out of style. She would and sometimes does, eat guacamole with a spoon! She loves mexican food in general, and doesn't mind spice! She also loves pretzels, spaghetti, and all fruit. Noelle doesn't freak out anymore about having her hands wiped after meals. She actually holds them out for me to wipe because she hates having anything on her hands!

She really likes to play the drums and now associates them with Joey. Every time she see's drums, for instance on TV, she will say "Drum. Daddy!"

Noelle still loves dogs. She has no fear of them and loves them all. She does terrifying things, like will go up to Truman and pry his mouth open with her hands to look at his teeth, and will feed dogs constantly out of her hands. She isn't scared at all of them, which is strange considering she's scared of everything else.

She is becoming a bigger kid now! She is no longer using her Pacimals (remember her giraffe that hung from her pacifier?) and she has upgraded to a toddler bed! We decided that she was ready and she helped Joey take the side rail off her crib. She was so excited and continues to be really excited and happy about her big girl bed. She loves it and has had no problem sleeping in it at all. She doesn't get out at night, wander around, or play. She means business! When she says "night, night" that's it! We have watched her on the video monitor swinging her legs over the bed rail, but that's it! No escapes yet!

We love you SO much booger!! Stop growing already!

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