July 13, 2013

MN Tot Spots; Lake Elmo Park Reserve

This past Wednesday Gaotah, the kids, and I all trekked out to Lake Elmo Park Reserve for the first time to check out what Lake Elmo had to offer. It was worth the trip because it was awesome! The kids played for a good hour on the EXTRA large playground (more like 4 playgrounds in 1) and then we swam in the lake! It was the first time Noelle's ever been to the beach, and it was really fun! The kids had fun splashing in the water and playing in the sand! Noelle was (of course) very hesitant at first and was very careful about entering the water but once she was in she was fine. She warmed up to being in the water, but didn't get her upper body wet or go farther than her knees. Natural wuss, just like her parents, haha. 

Amery thinks it's a bit too sunny this day. Chillin' out in the shade.

Evan exploring the big playground.

Hi Captain Evan!

Swing swing! Noelle and Amery.

Catching some air!

Gaotah and Amery going for a stroll through the sand.

Exploring the bridges! Noelle loves bridges.

Holding hands. :)

"Come on Noelle!"

Gaotah and Evan in the water.

Noelle's not sure about the sand.

Amery just relaxing!

Amery's not scared of anything!

Picnic on the beach!

Noelle with Gaotah!

It was awesome and the day couldn't have been more perfect! We can't wait to go again!

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