July 21, 2013

Jellystone Park Warrens 2013

Almost half a year ago my friends Dawn, Heather and I planned a summer trip for our families to spend together at Jellystone Park in Warrens, Wisconsin. It was so far away, I felt ridiculous for planing so far ahead! Months went by and I wondered if the trip would ever come around. Before I knew it, the week finally came! Friday morning, Joey, Noelle and I packed our bags and met Dawn, Willow, Heather, Mark, Gavin and Baby Pound #2 at Jellystone for a weekend of swimming, picnicking, sunshine, drinks, and lots of playing! 

This was Noelle arriving at our cabin, which we rented over 6 months ago! Crazy! She was so excited to get out of the car, after being stuck for 2.5 hours!

We got one of the "Park Models." We originally wanted the Yogi Cabin, which is larger, however even 6 months ago, they were all booked! Our model was pretty decent, with indoor plumbing (we all agreed we would have not gone if there was no indoor plumbing!!), air conditioning and a full kitchen. So okay, not totally roughing it...

Checking out her room!

Mark and Gavin splashing around!

Hanging out at the kiddie pool!

Her majesty on her throne, even in the water.

Noelle absolutely loved the pool, as did the other kids. They had a perfect kiddie sized pool for the little ones, as well as two larger pools, and two different water parks. One consisted of a wave pool and a lazy river, and the other one was more of an oversized playground with lots of slides.

Having a blast, and we had only been at Jellystone for 15 minutes!

Family time!

Very cool water park, too bad our kids were a little too young for it!

Back to the casa for some playtime and lunch!

Willow, Gavin and Noelle = BFF.

A little ring around the rosy...

Each week at Jellystone has a different theme during the summer and we chose to come during the week of "Christmas in July" since Dawn and I are both obsessed with Christmas. The park holds a Christmas Cabin decorating contest so here's a snap of us working hard on our decorations!

These pictures do no justice whatsoever. This looks pretty pathetic, but hey, it was really cute in real life. Guess you had to be there.

Our Christmas tree!

The park was pretty nice and had a lot of stuff. Besides the pools, there was a beach, a restaurant, a large gift shop, mini golf, etc. Noelle and I went on a couple walks by ourselves to check out the place.

Just saying hi to a sleeping Boo Boo Bear.

We went to go check out Boo Boo and Yogi in their cabin.

They were going night night! Noelle was in awe.

The cute train that they had giving rides. Noelle loved it from afar but the closer we got the more fear set in. Needless to say, we did not go on said ride.

We also call Noelle Boo Boo, so this was fitting!

The beach! The sand was so fine and soft, I loved it!

Noelle swinging over the lake! Not sure how she felt about it. 

Between laughs and cries, I'm not sure if it was fun or scary. Probably both.

The awesome playground that everyone played in, except Noelle. She just didn't care for it!

Dinner time!

Three amigos.

"Why are we back here. I thought I made it clear that I don't like sand."

Checking out the water park.

"Get me out of here."

She fell asleep in his arms just walking back to our cabin! This was at 6 pm, and she slept til morning!


S'mores and beers.

An intense game of Jenga after the kids went to bed.

Noelle got up at the crack of dawn the next morning. She and I went out to a park while the rest of the cabin kept sleeping!

Breakfast with the Pounds!

Noelle loves french toast.

The dad's.

Those are our homemade snowflakes that we worked on with the kids! 

The kids running after Joey.

At the Bandstand!

Back to the kiddie pool.

Having coffee in the water. Only way to survive.

Gavin stole a kiss. Noelle didn't like it. :)

Muah! She loves him after all.

Noelle and Gavin playing in the tent.

Joey, the high five master.

A view of our cabin.

More entertainment from Joey. He should have been a Wiggle.

Taking a little breather while the moms wait in line for the kids to meet The Bears.

The Bears! Noelle high fived Boo Boo and Cindy Bear, but unfortunately rejected Yogi and said "no" to his face when he offered his paw. Sorry Yogi!

Some well deserved ice cream after successfully meeting The Bears, and no mental breakdowns.

Us watching the others play in the water from afar, because it's much safer on the towel. ;) (She didn't even want to touch the sand! Good grief!)

Mark and Gavin in the water.

Checking out the bigger pool with Joey!

She LOVED the bigger pool. She couldn't get enough!

Playing with Gavin after an exhausting day.

Rolling around and being silly!

Mmm yogurt...

Having drinks with my favorite girl.


The best happy hour!

Kisses for boo boo.

Kisses for mama.

Okay, one more kiss for mama.


Got to see the Bears again! Noelle wasn't as excited this time around.

Getting ready for tub time!

Three bathing babies.

Me, doing some teacher time with the kids while the others ran some errands. Lots of singing, books, and animal sounds!


Yes, we made Reese's Peanut Butter cup S'mores!

Dawn, Mark, Heather!

"Christmas morning" with the kiddos.

Yay! Everyone got a Jellystone sippy cup!

Typical. You gotta go what you gotta do to keep the kids busy while you pack up!

Noelle and Gavin saying their goodbyes.

One last pancake meal with mom and dad in the diner before we leave.

Bye bye Dawn and Willow!

Looking for bears, one last time.

Just exhausted!

That was one heck of a trip! Noelle had a good time, as did we. Although there were moments of "Why did we do this again?" there was also a lot of moments when the smile on the kid's faces made it all worth it. As of right now we are in talks of doing it again next summer!


  1. Came across your blog when checking out yogi park models. Which unit did you stay in, do you remember? 3 bedroom? Wondering how nice they are? We too were looking at getting a cabin but they are booked up.

    1. HI there! We stayed in a 3 bedroom cabin, and I have to admit that it was very small! It depends on how many people you have going, but we thought a 3 bedroom would be okay for 3 families (2 adults + one small toddler_ each to have their own bedroom. However, 2 out of 3 of the bedrooms were the size of a small closet. They have bunk beds in them, and are VERY crowded. The bunkbeds actually take up the WHOLE room (like, literally there is NO floor space). I suppose they would be okay for small children. The bigger third bedroom contains a full size mattress, and there's maybe a foot of floor space. It's not AWFUL, but very tight. If it was only one family in there, it probably would have been great! My friends that we went with all agreed if we ever did it again that each family needed their very own cabin! Hope that helps.


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