July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July at the Cabin! 2013

Per usual, we spent our 4th of July weekend at the cabin! It was an awesome weekend, and Noelle had the time of her life! We went up on Wednesday night after work and stayed through Saturday! The weather was gorgeous, sunny, and hot hot hot! 

Daddy and Noelle - first night at the cabin!

Having some breakfast! She was so excited to wake up and find herself still at the cabin!

Happy 4th of July!

Rocking her first swimsuit of the weekend...

Very patriotic.

Hmmm lunch...what shall I have?

Playing with her new water table!

We were at the cabin, and Gracie, Ray, Clayton and Parker were all inside playing on their iPads. Kids these days!

Staci, Erin, and I getting some vitamin D!

Clayton and Parker! Don't look so excited guys.

Bentley enjoying himself.

Okay, I'm ready for a jet ski ride!

Nik with his latest purchase; a mini bike from a local sale.

Bathing suit #2 of the weekend.

Playing bean bags!

Noelle and Gracie!

Noelle wanted to play bean bags too.

Vroom vroom! Testing out her four wheeler.

Gracie, Noelle, and Erin hanging out.


Nik and Parker!

Just chillin out.

Next morning, enjoying the sunrise with mama.

Mama and baby pedis and our flippy floopies!

Yep, bathing suit #3.

Having fun with Gracie and Ellie!


The girls giving Noelle a ride!

Love my little family.

Joey taking a little snooze.

Her first time having some Malmo ice cream! She got Pirates Booty...and ate it all.

With her cousins, enjoying ice cream.

Noelle, trying to catch up with her cousins.

Wait for me you guys!

High fives and bumps with Ava.

I'll race ya!

Girls with their wheels.

Trying on shades with grandma.


Parker going for a dip in Mille Lacs!

Parker and Ava.

Noelle and Ellie going for a little ride together.

Playing bean bags once again! Gaotah and Jay came up on Friday as well to hang out for the day.

Jay and Parker.

Come on babies.

Nik taking the girls for a ride!

A cookie in one hand, a freezie in another; living the life.

Cuddling with Don!

Just listening to some beats, yo.

Day 4 at the cabin. Time to go home!

It was tons of fun, as usual. We all got to spend time hanging out as a family, played games, drank, ate, and basked in the sun. Can't wait for the next weekend at the cabin!

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