June 30, 2013

Tots Get Crafty; Father's Day Gifts!

For Father's Day this year I decided to get a little crafty and had the kids making some fabulous gifts for their dads! We made these ADORABLE shirts that the dads wore all weekend! They captured a lot of people's attention and lots of compliments! We also tried to capture some cute pictures of the kids holding up signs for their dads (and grandpas) that I could frame. The boys did great but Noelle was a tad bit harder. We did manage to get her to smile for a couple shots. Results below!

Joey's shirt, from Noelle!

The back of the shirts.

The shirt the boys made for their dad.

This was my attempt to getting a set of photos from Noelle holding the signs:

This was a tad easier and came out better:

Here is what we got from the boys! So cute!

Cute, cute, cute!

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