June 2, 2013

Choo! Choo! Happy Birthday to Evan!

My sweet friend Daisy's little boy Evan turned two last month and we got to celebrate with him for his second birthday! Daisy threw an adorable Thomas the Train birthday party, with lots of yummy BBQ, and the kids had a wonderful time in the sun! Thanks for the great afternoon Daisy and Joe!

Evan's awesome cake and cute cupcakes!

Noelle found an Elmo book - jackpot.

The great bouncy house!

Hey, are you going to eat that?

The kids table!

Inside the bouncy house!

So fun!

Noelle just hanging out at the top with Evan!

Noelle playing with Spencer!

Evan, Noelle and Spencer digging away!

Noelle and Evan doing some Gangnam style!

Happy Birthday Evan!

Well, don't mind if I do...


Oh yes, I like this...

You guys don't mind me...go ahead and open presents...I'll just be over here...

Evan opening up his present from Noelle! (Trucks!)

Yes, I would say she liked the cake.

Baby Harper! (Wearing one of Noelle's old outfits! So cute!)

Here, let me fix your hair for you...

There! You look beautiful!

The girls doing their makeup...

Thanks for the party!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evan!!

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