June 30, 2013

Back to the 50's & The Arcades! 2013

We made it back out again to the fair grounds this year for the Back to the 50's car show! Last year was Noelle's first time, and she was so young that she didn't really know what was going on. She had her first ice cream cone and mini donut last year and that's where the excitement ended. This year she had an awesome time! Especially since her Grandpa Joe's band, The Arcades played a show at the Bandstand! Noelle was in awe of seeing grandpa up on the stage and she kept on pointing at him asking "Bompa? Bompa?" It was great. We enjoyed walking around, eating fair food, car watching and drinking some beers (me and Joey, not Noelle)! It's always a good time at Back to the 50's!

Scott, Joey, David, and Nik!

The Arcades!

Grandpa Joe on the drums!

"Whoa. That's Bompa."

Enjoying the show with daddy.

Our family busting a move on the dance floor! (Michele, Staci, Heather, Gracie, Noelle, and Erin!)

Scott and Noelle! (She wasn't happy to be seperated from mama.)

Noelle and Michael..."Give me back to my mom."

"Ice cream. Here."

Mini donuts!

Giving hugs! See you next year!

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