June 6, 2013

19 Months - Livin' The Dream

Last month our little booger turned a year and a half! Oh how time flies - in 5 short months our little baby will already be 2 years old! She's grown up so much, it's really hard to believe. Let's play a little catch up.

New or noteworthy:
She really understands and grasps concepts now, for example if she's watching a show she will say "Oh no!" when someone gets hurt and laughs at appropriate times.
Noelle now sings all the time! You can hear her singing E-I-E-I-O frequently to herself, and she sings to songs in the car and along with some of her nursery rhyme dvds!
She knows how to stall her bedtime now. She will ask for more and more books. Then when I put her in her crib she will scream for daddy. When Joey come in, she'll ask him for more books. She even asks for snacks or milk! What a stinker!

She loves "Boomen" (Truman) and all dogs.

Noelle likes to chase Uncle Nik's dog Cash all over.

New loves:
Barney. Nursery rhymes. Airplanes. Trains. Dinosaurs. Fish. 
She still also loves all her usuals: Books, Wiggles, babies, dogs, stuffed animals.

Just walking around with my tambourine.

Hello gorgeous!

New words/phrases:
There are so many that it's now hard to keep track! However some that stick out include:
"Done! Done!" - Usually in a panic and/or when I wash her hair.
"Show!" - This is how she rudely asks for a dvd or show on TV.
"Mack?" - How she asks for a snack. Sometimes followed by "peas (please)?"
"Duh Duh Dora." - The Dora theme, but she also calls her Dora doll this.
She also has been saying "get down" instead of just "down" and also said "it's a cow" the other day. Blew my mind! For the past few months she called all animals by their sounds, so this was way out of the ordinary.

Moving the car with daddy.

Having fun at Tamarack Nature Center.

Loves Cheerios, fruit, pasta, red sauce, green beans, broccoli, ketchup, yogurt, pancakes, and obsessed with pretzels. While she loves baked sweets, she is really good about only having a couple bites - then pushes it away! Amazing. No idea where she got that self control!

Mmm cake...

Mmm DQ...


Still an overall quiet, calm, observant child. Very hesitant, careful and safe. Not adventurous in the least. Likes to play with others (mainly her older cousins) but I sense that she prefers to play alone. Needs alone time every now and then - she will freak out if I even sit next to her or try to talk to her! She is showing signs of a true only child. She's possessive of her belongings and although she's great about sharing when you ask her to, there are some things that are sacred to her. She has a pink armchair that no one is allowed to sit in. Every time anyone sits in it she will freak out and pull them off the chair.

Livin' the dream.

Dog? Check. Wiggles? Check. Wipes? Check. All ready to stay at Grandpa's!

Every time we go to Grandma Sue's house the first thing she does is go into the kitchen and looks for the cheese balls.
She absolutely hates "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Anytime it's on any show, or on a CD she starts screaming until we turn it off. 
She is fascinated with nipples. She thinks they are the weirdest things ever. If she ever see's Joey without a shirt on she just stares and points at them.

At Teddy Bear Park with mama.

She still wants to carry her blanket all over the place but we've gotten better about giving her a stuffed animal to carry around instead.
She is still sucking on that pacifier!
She has been getting up really early each morning crying to come into mama and daddy's bed. So now 4 out of 7 days of the week Noelle sleeps with us for a couple hours in the morning. 

Making a music video with Evan!

Having fun at the Children's Museum.

Has 16 teeth!
24 lbs.
32" tall.
18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoes.

Love you little booger! Happy 19 Months!

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